Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Who guessed Sinatra?

Okay, it seems that some of you need to go back to school with my son. His teacher is always stressing the importance of following directions ... although he probably would have done the same thing. Shhh ... I probably would have, too, which is why I still entered everyone who commented and tweeted about Robyn "Girl on Raw" Law's "Travelling in the Raw" e-book (thanks to all of you, btw; I'm sure Robyn thanks you, too).

What do I mean about following directions?

If you read the turquoise-colored text at the bottom of my last post, you would have known to answer the question,"Who's singing "Come Fly With Me" in the YouTube clip I linked to at the top of the post?" For those of you who remembered to type "Sinatra" or "Frank Sinatra" in your comment, I am thoroughly impressed with both your answer and attention to detail.

For those of you who didn't, don't fret, as I decided to give you a second chance and include your names in the drawing, too. It reminded me of when Robyn bought my e-book when it first came out and was expecting a printed copy (just a slight confusion that can happen when you miss the "e"). She totally understood, so in her honor, everyone is entered anyway.

Just keep this in mind the next time I do a giveaway. I may use trivia again, and I might offer up a printed version of my raw cupcake e-book. There are only about 20 in existence that my hubby printed special for me (although I know some of you who purchased it printed out your own personal copies). So far, they've only gone out to some friends and family, our local library (yes, people have actually checked it out from our library) and I gave one to Brendan Brazier when I met him. I'll tell you more about it in a future post.

And now for the winner that Hayden pulled out of the bucket right before I posted this. I got it on video, but in case you can't watch it, the winner is ... Tashina of Logical Harmony (she actually did answer the question correctly, too). Congratulations! I've forwarded your e-mail to Robyn, who should be e-mailing you your copy soon. Thanks to everyone for playing :-)