Monday, November 7, 2011

Supermodel skin

At the end of the summer, I decided it was time to try out some new (as in new to me) natural skin care lines to switch up my routine a bit. There was nothing wrong with the one I was using (you may have seen me mention Pangea Organics on my site, which I still love); I just wanted to see what else was available.

First, I was lucky enough to receive some amazing products from 100% Pure, and even shared my excitement about them in a video and post. I'm still a huge fan of the line, and totally recommend just about all of their products. Currently, I can't get enough of their bath washes and lotions, the kid-friendly ones being my fave (I put them on my Christmas list to be replenished then; I think my hubby got the hint :-).

Around the same time as I got the 100% Pure products, I came up with the idea to put some supermodel skin care lines to the test on my site, as well. I had already been placed on the mailing list to try Christie Brinkley's natural vegan line, and had been thinking about purchasing some of Miranda Kerr's KORA Organics products.

Then, Carol Alt started following me on Twitter, and I was reminded of her amazing Raw Essentials line that came out a while back (I can't get enough of the body oil from her line, which I have pictured above and is mentioned in the video below; it is so much better for you than most body oils on the market). I was so curious about the raw products, and since I eat a high raw diet, it seemed like the perfect compliment for the health of my skin. Here is a recent video I found of her promoting her line (she looks so gorgeous in it):

Carol had the three main products (cleanser, moisturizer and eye cream) packaged together on OpenSky, so of course, I purchased them. The plan was to include them in my future supermodel skin post.

To my surprise, I just couldn't wait for that post to tell you about my thoughts on Raw Essentials. I have yet to receive Christie Brinkley's samples, and I haven't gotten around to buying any of Miranda's (a rep from the company said they were hoping to sell a trial pack on the site in October, but I never saw one). Also, Carol's line exceeded my expectations, making it difficult for me to hold out for the other lines to arrive.

Basically, I just had to tell you about it now. Perhaps I'll still review the other two in the future, but in the meantime, I'm basking in my healthy Raw Essential glow.

The Refreshing Face Wash smells so sweet and delicious (like some candy or dessert from my childhood). It's nearly good enough to eat. And, since it is raw ("never heated over 115 degrees," according to the packaging) and natural, it might even be safe enough to eat, but I wouldn't recommend it (nor am I sure about that).

The face wash has aloe in it, which is evident in its texture and appearance. It looks and feels like pure aloe (not the green stuff marketed for applying to sun burns). It cools and moisturizes your skin, and leaves in soft and residue-free. I just wish it came in a pump rather than a tube, as it pours out rather quickly.

The All Day Revitalizing Face Moisturizer smells just as yummy as the cleanser. It comes in a cute little pump, perfect for travel, that administers the exact amount I need. It, too, leaves my skin soft and free of residue (unlike some of my kitchen concoctions).

The best product of the three is the All Day Eye Cream. Although it comes in a very tiny 0.5 fl oz container, there is definitely enough inside to conquer and fine lines and puffiness for a long time. It brightens and smooths, and doesn't feel greasy. As I'm now in my mid-thirties, this eye cream may quickly become my best friend (well, not literally, but you get what I mean).

I'd show you a pic of my results, but Hayden managed to bop me in the lip right before I considered taking one. I was getting her dressed, helping her pull up her pants, when she decided to jump up and down (she's so excited about being able to leave the ground). As I lean over, she jumped up. Her head hit my lip, which then hit my tooth. It's a little swollen. I guess it's more natural than collagen injections (not that I'd ever get those). Too bad I'm only swollen on one side. Ha ha :-)

Hope you are all having a lovely Monday. What are some of your favorite natural beauty products, and have you tried any of the ones I mentioned in this post?