Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Mother's Day to share

Happy Mother's Day to all you mamas out there and mommies-to-be. I'm going to share my special day with my family, so I'll make this post a quickie.

Hayden (who loves to share this yummy pudding with me, without the strawberries and the grapes) is getting baptized at church today, which makes it extra special. Jacob was also baptized on Mother's Day, so I've made sure to recognize him, too.

Growing up, I never understood why mom got to celebrate Mother's Day, dad got Father's Day, but there wasn't an official kid's day, especially since moms and dads wouldn't hold these titles without us. Therefore, I think it is important to really include the kids.

Jacob was extra excited this year, as he made some of the best crafts at school for me. This is the packet he made to put it all in. It is loaded with handwritten notes, poems and artwork.

Although the kids also got me a huge container of raw almonds and some cute herb planters (I'm going to try to keep them alive this time), the handmade gifts are always my favorite.

And, if you haven't had the opportunity to make something for your mom yet, here is a simple gift idea Jacob and I made for the other mommies in our family. It is a puzzle card.

Jacob drew all the artwork, and I helped him glue the picture to some cardboard and cut out the puzzle pieces. Check out the results.

Here are the pieces:

Here's the puzzle in partial pieces:

And, here's what it says:

Happy Mother's Day!