Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ursa Major is "Super Natural Skin Care"

Happy Tuesday! I hope you all had an enjoyable holiday weekend. I know I did. I was so busy having fun in the summery sun that I barely checked in on Instagram. However, it was the perfect time to take these Ursa Major skincare products for a test drive.

As you can see, I got this convenient unisex skin care from Petal & Post, which only sells products that are free from sodium laurel sulfate, sulfates, parabens, propylene or butylene glycols, petroleum, PEGS, TEA, DEA, phthalates, GMO, silicones, pesticides, BPA, lead, artificial dyes, harmful synthetic fragrances or animal by-products. In other words, you can be assured that brands purchased from this site are safe to use, like Ursa Major (and the Vitruvi oil I posted about a while back).

According to Ursa Major, the line was "created to provide a healthy and highly effective skin care solution that's also a real pleasure to use. Our advanced formulations artfully blend nature's most effective ingredients to provide exceptional performance and a truly sublime experience; that's why we call them 'super natural.' The result is clear, comfortable skin - and a kick in your step - so you can get out there and Live Major."

This line really buys you some time when it comes to getting ready for the day and washing the day off your face at night. The Ursa Major 4 in 1 Essential Face Tonic is easy to splash on your face in the morning to refresh your skin and prep it for moisturizer. It cleanses, exfoliates, soothes and hydrates with aloe, bamboo and lemon. It's very liquidity, so be prepared for that when it pours quickly out of the bottle. I love how it acts as both my cleanser and toner, getting my skin cleansed and balanced at the same time. I could see a bunch of men using this without moisturizer in a rush out the door (the soft herbal scent is neither too masculine or feminine), but it also works for women like me (I still prefer to follow this with a moisturizer).

In the evening, this face tonic also does a good job of removing my makeup, especially when used with a cotton round. These Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes, which are basically more convenient versions of the face tonic, also do the trick without irritating my eyes. They're nice for sprucing up on the go, whether it be on a hike, at the gym, beach, work, etc.

I like to follow this face tonic with the Ursa Major Fortifying Face Balm with Aloe, Carrot, Kendi and Myrtle to calm, hydrate, nourish and protect my skin without clogging my pores or looking too shiny. Based on the name, I was expecting a balm in a convenient stick, but this is actually a light, fast-absorbing lotion that comes in a pump. It's soothing after a long day in the sun. It also keeps my skin soft and smooth, firm and toned, and overall younger looking. I'm totally impressed with the results I get in just two steps (the face tonic, followed by the face balm, which also worked well as my eye cream).

Lastly, I tried the Ursa Major Stellar Shave Cream, which is mainly marketed for men and their facial hair. However, I had success shaving my legs, bikini line and underarms with it. This cream is rich and non-lathering (although you'll still want to apply it to wet skin and rinse it away when you're done shaving). Be careful not to use too much, as it could clog your razor blades. When used sparingly, you can get a really close shave without any bumps. It's perfect for bikini season.

Are you ready for summer? What are your favorite summer beauty brands? Let me know on Twitter at @Rawdorable and/or Instagram (also @Rawdorable).

* Petal & Post sent me these Ursa Major products
for review. All opinions are my own :)

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