Thursday, June 9, 2016

St. Tropica Organic Coconut Oil Hair Mask

Recently, I won a box of St. Tropica Organic Coconut Hot Oil Hair Masks from Leaping Bunny. After posting them on my Instagram page, I got a lot of requests for a review. Now that I've had some opportunities to test them out, here are my thoughts.

First of all, these St. Tropica hair treatments come in these individual use packets. They are 100% organic, natural, cruelty-free and vegan. Ingredients include organic coconut oil, organic coconut butter, organic coconut fruit extract, organic biotin, organic horsetail, organic amla, organic hibiscus and organic green tea.

To use St. Tropica as a hot oil mask, you can heat the PBA-free packet in the microwave for 20 seconds or set the packet in some hot water, although I like to just massage it in my hands on these really warm days. Be extra careful cutting the packet open, especially if it's hot.

The directions say to squeeze the ingredients out of the packet; however, I caution that this stuff pours out when warm. You'll need to apply it to your dry hair and scalp, and massage it in gently. I believe the entire contents is meant for one use, but I've found that my thin hair prefers only half of the packet. When I've used the whole packet, it took two days to wash out.

Once you've applied your desired amount of the product, leave the treatment on for at least 20 minutes or even overnight. You may want to cover your coconut oil-masked hair with a hair cap, towel, old t-shirt, etc., to protect your pillow at night or whatever else your hair may be in contact. Speaking of a t-shirt, I wouldn't advise wearing your favorite top while doing this, unless you're able to wash melted coconut oil drops out of it.

You'll need a good clarifying shampoo to cleanse this coconut oil treatment out of your hair. If it's too moisturizing or doesn't make any suds, than this mask isn't going anywhere. It's advised to shampoo your hair twice, although, it could take a couple more, depending on your hair type, shampoo and the amount of hair mask used. It takes me about three or four rounds of shampoo (most likely because I use natural, sulfate-free products, and my hair soaks up stuff like a sponge), followed by one round of conditioner to get my desired result.

This treatment makes my hair soft, smooth and shiny. It tames flyaways and tangles, and makes my hair feel stronger. Other reviewers claim that it's helped their hair grow longer (most likely by reducing breakage) and made their scalps healthier. Apparently, this hair mask is good for dandruff and dry scalps, but since my scalp tends to be oily, I try not to focus too much on applying it there.

My main focus is the length of my hair, which has a tendency to dry out the further it gets away from my oily scalp. The back often likes to knot up, but this product helps keep it tangle-free and more under control.

I'm also guilty of washing my hair daily and using a hairdryer most of the time, so my hair definitely benefits from a moisturizing treatment like St. Tropica. For best results, it's suggested to use it weekly, so make sure to get more than one packet (they're sold in groupings of 2, 6 or 12).

Do you use hair masks? What are your thoughts? Let me know on Twitter at @Rawdorable and/or Instagram (also @Rawdorable).

* I won these St. Tropica hair treatments from a Leaping Bunny Instagram giveaway.
All opinions are my own :)