Sunday, January 25, 2009

Remember this?

In my last post, I explained that due to a temporary change in eating habits, I would be using this blog to journal what's going on in my life rather than what's on my plate.

But, since this did start out as a raw blog, I decided to occasionally flash back to a past raw food entry, so you don't have to dig so hard trying to find it yourself.

For instance, remember this Chinese New Year post? I sure do. It was one of my favorite Thursday night raw meals (that's the day my hubby would agree to go raw for the evening, as well).

I was thinking about it this week as I had another crazy change in cravings. At first, I just had to have bread, but now I keep thinking about rice. Lucky for me, we're having Chinese food at my parent's house tonight to celebrate my grandfather's birthday.

Now, I wouldn't expect you to have any interest in celebrating his special day with us, but consider whipping up some of these rawified dishes in your own home, as tomorrow is the start of another Chinese New Year.

Here's the post with my recipe for Fortune Rawkies and Peanut-free Sauce. There's also an entry where I tried to recall what I put in the Sweet and Sour Veggies.

To really give you some more options, check out the Sunny Raw Kitchen blog, where Carmi posted, not one, nor just two, but three entries packed with recipes to round out your festive feast.

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Invasion of the body snatchers

I used to scare myself with that movie when I was little. I remember watching it with my family while filling my belly with a big plate of nachos my mom heated up under the broiler. The crazy thing is that I could really go for a snack like that right about now.

And I'm not talking about the rawified kind. My body is craving cooked.

I know this is a raw site, but I may be using it in the upcoming months to inform my readers as to what's going on in my life, rather than what I'm eating at the moment. In fact, you probably don't want to know what's on my plate right now (so feel free to peruse past entries that do include raw food. Here's what I blogged about last year on this date, although it's not my best recipe).

My body has been taken over, like in the movie. Or, if you want to put it into my son's terms, it's like Ben 10 (Jacob thought his toys would make great photos for this post). He dials up an alien on his watch and becomes that character long enough to defeat the bad guys.

However, I can't control this little character inside me, and I haven't succeeded in fighting off any of its naughty cravings. I guess I'm just going to have to enjoy it while it lasts. I've been like this before, and I made it back to the raw side in the end. Let's see if this journey runs full circle, too. In any case, it's worth it :-)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Unfortunately, that is not a word to describe my food intake lately. I've been feeling a little like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, although I'm stuck in the latter persona. But don't worry about me; it's for good reason.

While those around me have been sprucing up their insides in the new year (my mom and sister are back on their green smoothie kick), I've been more concerned with cleaning and reorganizing my house. I guess it's my resolution.

It's funny; I even have a favorite cleaning CD to blast while I work. Appropriately titled "Fresh!" (and you probably thought I pick up to the voice of Mary Poppins and her "Spoonful of Sugar"), this fun mix of songs from my college days has been a staple in my cleaning routine for years. It just makes it more fun.

So, since I don't have any fresh new raw foods to share with you today, have a blast freshening up your household to these juicy tunes of the '90s.

1. Chumbawamba, "Tubthumping"
2. Third Eye Blind, "Semi-charmed Life"
3. Green Day, "Hitchin' A Ride"
4. Blur, Song 2
5. Arkana, "So Little Time"
6. Oasis, "D'You Know What I Mean"
7. Cornershop, "Brimful of Asha"
8. Sugar Ray, "Fly"
9. Matchbox 20, "Push"
10. Everclear, "Everything to Everyone"
11. Meredith Brooks, "B*tch"
12. Suede, "Beautiful Ones"
13. Catatonia, "Mulder & Scully"
14. Mansun, "Wide Open Space"
15. Radiohead, "Karma Police"
16. The Verve, "The Drugs Don't Work"

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Juice it up!

I remember that silly cheer from my school days. It went a little something like this:

Juice it up,
We're number one (drag out the word "one"),
(Fill in the blank) is number one!"

I've had a lot to cheer about lately, which explains my break in blogging. It's been a whole week since my last post.

Anyway, I'd promised you a review of April's new e-book, and since it focuses on juice recipes, I knew I needed to tell you about it before any resolutions get broken.

Lucky for me, I didn't make any dietary promises or plans to cleanse in the new year. If I had, I would've failed miserably.

But that doesn't have to deter you on your path to success. Download a copy of "Healthy Indulgence, 50 Raw Juice and Smoothie Recipes," by April Ross, M.A. She'll have you filling your tummy with yummy beverages that'll treat your body right.

Unfortunately, I didn't pick the best time for me to sample all of the recipes, so you'll have to test drive most of these yourself. You see, my taste buds have been a little off lately. Orange has been my juice of choice, at least when I can stomach it.

However, when I've felt up to it, I have enjoyed the "fruity sensations" from the book. "Fruit Punch Party Mania" (a mix of kiwi, mango, orange, strawberry and pineapple) and "Strawberry Lemonade" were two of my faves, while I plan on sipping some "Orange Lemon Juice" or "Grapefruit Orange Twist" in the near future.

The recipes are simple and easy to make. April even organized them at the end, so they can be printed out in convenient note card form. She really does show you that "nutritious can be delicious."