Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Colourful Smoothie Challenge comes to an end

Today is the last day of Charissa of Colourful Palate's Colourful Smoothie Challenge. I've had such a blast making different smoothies each and every day, and posting them on my Instagram page. In case you don't follow me on Instagram, here's a recap of what I've made (with the exception of the smoothies from my first recap and Muffin Batter Smoothie blog post).

On day 14, I made an overflowing Banana Split Smoothie with three layers and toppings. The middle layer is frozen banana blended with almond milk and vanilla. I removed part of it, and then added frozen strawberries and Philosophie Berry Bliss Vegan Protein & Superfood Powder. Once that was blended, I set part of the berry layer to the side and added Philosophie Cacao Magic Vegan Protein & Superfood Powder. I poured the chocolate layer on the bottom of my glass and topped it with pineapple puree. Next, I poured in the vanilla layer and topped it with homemade raspberry chia jam (like in my donut smoothie). Lastly, I added the berry layer and some chocolate sauce (Cacao Magic mixed with maple syrup). I made sure to garnish it with a strawberry and banana slice to make it nice.

On day 16, my savory side took over, so I blended some frozen pineapple with almond milk, Philosophie Berry Bliss Vegan Protein & Superfood Powder and a broken up Honey Smoked BBQ Almond Protein Strong & Kind Bar. I made sure to top it with this Kind Bar slice that looks a bit like a heart.

On day 17, Hayden and I decided to impress Elsa from "Frozen" with this Blue Frozen Honeydew Smoothie. Check out this recent post to see how we naturally turned it blue.

My sweet tooth got the best of me on day 18. It's based on Coracao Confections amazing Berkeley Bar, which is like a raw vegan version of a Snickers. This smoothie starts off as a base of frozen banana, almond milk and vanilla. I reserved a third of the mixture and blended the rest with Philosophie Cacaco Magic powder and a chopped up Berkeley Bar. I drizzled my glass with Jem Organics Cinnamon Red Maca Sprouted Almond Butter and then layered in my chocolate and vanilla layers (sandwiching the vanilla between the two chocolate layers). I garnished it with more Berkeley Bar pieces.

My hubby's birthday is June 19, so I made a Colourful Coconut Funfetti Birthday Cake Batter Smoothie. Inspired by my Muffin Batter Smoothies, it has a base of frozen banana, cashew milk, almond flour (that's what gives it that cake batter texture), vanilla and Philosophie Berry Bliss powder. I stirred in some naturally dyed coconut sprinkles (see this posted to find out how to make natural blue food coloring. I used strawberry juice for the pink, and pineapple juice and freeze-dried pineapple for the yellow). I topped it with more sprinkles and an Elsa cookie from this recent blog post.

On day 20, I was inspired by my 100 Percent Pure Vitamint Fruit Pigmented Sheer Lip Color in Vino, as well as another Coracao Confections truffle (I had a wine one preserved in my freezer). I blended frozen red grapes, a little bit of water and some Philosophie Cacaco Magic powder, poured it into a wine glass and garnished it with more red grapes and that truffle I mentioned.

I stuck to the grape theme on day 21 with a Green Grape Smoothie. It's just frozen green grapes, aloe vera juice and Philosophie Green Dream Vegan Protein & Superfood Powder. It's garnished with more green grapes. It also matches my 100 Percent Pure Eye Creamstick in Forest (check out my review of all the colors).

I was having another chocolate craving on day 22, so I made a Chocolate Covered Cherry Maca Smoothie with frozen cherries, cashew milk, vanilla, Philosophie Cacao Magic powder and some extra Navitas Naturals Maca (there's maca in the Cacao Magic, but I added more, as it goes so well with the chocolate and cherries). It's topped with a frozen cherry and a Coracao Confections raw chocolate heart.

On day 23, I had just heard about Gwyneth Paltrow teaming up with Juice Beauty to create a new makeup line. Naturally, I was inspired to make my version of her Red Smoothie. My version still has the raspberries, strawberries, goji berries and almond milk. I used Philosophie Berry Bee for the Manuka honey and amped up the berry goodness with some more Philosophie Berry Bliss powder. I skipped the coconut oil and the yogurt, but topped it off with a sprinkling of more goji berries.

Gwyneth's Red Smoothie was such a hit that I made my version of her Almond & Kale Smoothie on day 24. Like her smoothie, I blended kale with almond milk, almond butter, raw almonds and dates. I subbed the coconut oil with Philosophie Green Dream Coconut Butter, and added some Green Dream powder and vanilla, too.

On day 25, I was inspired by a Candy Cane Smoothie I once saw Lauren post about on her blog. The original was a blend of frozen banana, strawberries, almond milk, cashews and mint. I made a candy cane stripe version with a basic banana and almond milk smoothie, layered with a pink minty berry lemonade smoothie. The pink layer has frozen banana, strawberries, cashews, Wild Poppy Juice Peppermint Lemonade and Philosophie Berry Bliss powder.

I finished up my Peppermint Lemonade Wild Poppy Juice on day 26. I made a layered Peppermint Berry Lemonade Slushie Smoothie out of it. The pink/red layer is a blend of the peppermint lemonade with frozen strawberries, cherries, pomegranate seeds and cranberries. The purple layer is the same peppermint lemonade blended with frozen blueberries, blackberries and more cherries. I added Philosophie Berry Bliss powder to both layers.

There were terrible thunderstorms with a sited tornado headed our way on day 27. In case the power went out (or worse), I made a decadent smoothie to get me through until the next time I'd get to use my blender. It's a Frozen Banana N'ice Cream S'more Smoothie. I made a smoothie base out of frozen bananas, cashew milk and vanilla. Then, I layered it with drizzles of Jem Organics Cinnamon Red Maca Sprouted Almond Butter and a quick chocolate sauce (Cacao Magic powder mixed with maple syrup). I also layered in some mock graham cracker crumbs (almond flour mixed with more of the Jem almond butter).

I finally tried the Blood Orange Chili Wild Poppy Juice on day 28. I made a quick slushie smoothie by blending it with frozen strawberries, fresh peaches and Philosophie Berry Bliss powder. I added a strawberry and peach slice to the top to make it pretty.

On day 29, I was looking a little worn out from the challenge, but really I had just been Slip 'N Sliding with the kiddos outside for the day. This overflowing Berry Good Peanut N'ice Cream Kombucha Float really hit the spot. It's just frozen bananas, natural peanut butter, vanilla and Philosophie Berry Bliss powder whipped in my mini food processor into an ice cream consistency, which I scooped into my glass. Then I poured the Gingerberry GT Kombucha over the top and watched the magic happen (I totally recommend doing this outside, even if it starts melting before you can get a photo of it).

My last smoothie ended with a cherry on top. I made a Berry Cherry Shirley Temple Smoothie (I loved drinking Shirley Temples as a kid), starting with a blend of cherries, strawberries, cherry seeds and more of that Gingerberry kombucha. I set that mixture aside while I blended a base of frozen bananas, strawberries, Gingerberry kombucha and Philosophie Berry Bliss powder. I swirled the smoothie base and the berry mixture in my glass and topped it off with a cherry. It was a perfect ending to this fun challenge.

Speaking of an ending to this challenge, I also posted this sunset from the other day on my Instagram page. Now that's a perfect ending to a beautiful day :) 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

100% Pure Vitamints make their official debut

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you may have seen my lipstick of the day posts, which showed off five of the six new 100 Percent Pure Vitamint Fruit Pigmented Sheer Lip Colors.

As an official 100 Percent Pure Approved Blogger, I was sent these summery shades to sample and tease you a bit before their official debut on the 100 Percent Pure website.

I was first sent this Cherry Tomato shade, which you may remember me posting about a few weeks ago (it's the bottom left swatch, pictured above). It's actually more of a bright pinkish orange, rather than a red. Then again, cherry tomato juice is sort of that color when it drips on your white shirt (anyone else as messy as I am?  LOL).

Although it looks like cherry tomato juice when swatched on my skin, it actually appears like a bright pink on my lips (my lips have a tendency to bring out the pink in most lipsticks).

The other Vitamints I received showed up on my lips the same as in a swatch. Here are the colors I was sent. I received Peachy, Cake, Cherry Tomato, Butterscotch and Vino. For some reason, I did not receive Dragon Fruit, which looks a lot like those smoothie bowls everyone is posting these days (I'm imagining a vibrant fuchsia pink).

Here's a closer look at the five colors I swatched (Peachy, Cake, Cherry Tomato, Butterscotch and Vino). Peachy and Cake are creamy and denser than the other three, but still are somewhat sheer. Cherry Tomato, Butterscotch and Vino are more like highly pigmented lip tints or stains. They are all very glossy, minty fresh (they smell like mint and give my lips a slight tingle when applied, but without a plumping effect) and brighten up my look.

Cake is a fave, as it's a lighter, sheerer version of my 100 Percent Pure Fruit Pigmented Anti-Aging Lipstick in Melon. It's a fun, summer shade, which I like to wear with the new Eye Creamsticks in Naked Glimmer and Light (I posted my review a few days ago). I look a little silly in this Instagram pic, because I was joking about this being my birthday suit makeup look (due to the Naked Glimmer and Cake) for my hubby's birthday. I guess I was trying to look shocked and embarrassed :)

Vino makes my lips look like I was just sipping on wine or grape juice, but with a more uniform color and sophistication. I love how Vino brings out my eye color, too.

Butterscotch looks like it was made for me. It's the perfect nude color. I also like that it's called Butterscotch, as that was my favorite pudding flavor as a child.

Peachy is much lighter than my natural lip color. I can't seem to pull this one off without a smokey eye. When paired with the Eggplant Eye Creamstick, I love this sultry look.

Today, I found that I can also wear Peachy as a base color and top it off with Cherry Tomato to create a warm bright pink, which is so me. It's creamier than Cherry Tomato by itself and brighter than Cake. This is probably pretty close to the Dragon Fruit color I don't have.

Yesterday, I experimented with Cake, topped with Butterscotch (it's best to put the creamier color under the more sheer shade). The Butterscotch tones down the brightness of the Cake slightly, while the Cake adds some pink to the more muted Butterscotch.

My favorite part of these Vitamints (as well as the Eye Creamsticks) is the fact that they come in these cute twist-up tubes (no sharpener needed). They're so much fun.

Has anyone ordered the new Vitamints and/or Eye Creamsticks? What colors did you get? Let me know on Twitter at @Rawdorable or on Instagram (also @Rawdorable).

On another note, 100 Percent Pure is offering 20% off its SPF products today. Check it out my review of 100 Percent Pure Everywhere SPF 30 UVA & UVB Sunscreen from the other day.

*100 Percent Pure sent me these Vitamints for review. All opinions are my own.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

100 Percent Pure's new Eye Creamsticks

Hi everyone! Things have been so crazy around here, which is why I haven't been posting as much (it also explains all the iPhone photos). My kids finished up their school year, and now we're spending a week at Bible School (Hayden is attending, and Jacob and I are teaching arts and crafts). Although I've found some brief moments to post on Instagram, I didn't get a chance to do a blog post about 100 Percent Pure's new Eye Creamsticks Fruit Pigmented Eye Color until now.

As an official 100 Percent Pure Approved Blogger, I was sent a preview of these Eye Creamsticks for review. Lucky for you, they are currently available on the 100 Percent Pure website.

To be honest, I'm usually more of a fan of traditional powder eyeshadows, rather than a creamstick (I'm the opposite when it comes to blush, as a prefer a creamy version). Unless I use a dusting of translucent powder or organic non-GMO cornstarch on top of a creamy eyeshadow, it tends to crease on my lids, melt away and/or smear my eyeliner and mascara. However, since I couldn't resist a chance to try these gorgeous shades, I took them all for a test drive with my fingers crossed for the best result.

First, I swatched the colors to get an idea of what they'd look like on my skin, which colors worked well together and to share them as soon as possible on Instagram, of course (I hate to admit that it's been almost a week since I posted these swatches). To my surprise, they're highly pigmented and have real staying power. They are shimmery with a slight powder finish and are quite flattering.

As you can see in the above pic, Light is a white highlighter, perfect for your brow bone and inner corners of your eyes. Naked Glimmer is a golden glow that's quite natural. Ecru Glimmer is a dusty rose with a shimmer. Susie's Favorite is a metallic lavender gray (I wasn't quite sure how to describe this one, but it's really nice). Eggplant is a more purple version of Susie's Favorite, although not as bright as an actual eggplant (and who's heard of a shimmery eggplant? LOL), and Forest essentially is a bright forest green.

My immediate favorite was and still is the Naked Glimmer, along with Light. I wore those two colors the first day, but then paired them with Forest, as I was a little unsure if I could get away with wearing green. I think Forest looked good on my lid with Naked Glimmer in the crease and Light on my brow bone. However, I do not recommend pairing it with Susie's Favorite or Eggplant, as it can look more like a bruise than an intentional eye color combo.

Another color combination I like is Ecru Glimmer as the base, Susie's Favorite in the crease and and Light on the brow bone. It looks great with the 100 Percent Pure Creamy Long Last Liner in Royal and the new Maracuja Oil Mascara.

As for the Eggplant, it's nice for a quick smokey eye effect. I'm wearing it in the above pic, along with the Ecru Glimmer and Light, of course (I'm sensing a trend). A smokey eye is fun with a pale sheer gloss, like this Peachy Vitamint I have on in the pic, as well. I'll tell you more about it and the other colors in my next post.

I have to say that I've been extremely happy with these Eye Creamsticks, so far, especially since I've been so busy. They are quick and easy to apply, and although it's insanely hot and humid around here, they stay put, don't crease and look great.

Now I will admit to also using 100 Percent Pure's brand new Mattifying Primer Vitamins + Antioxidants with Seaweed Collagen as a base to all my makeup lately, so maybe that's why these creamsticks have such staying power. You'll really want to keep an eye out for this one. It looks like natural clear aloe, so it's no surprise that it feels very moisturizing when applied. Unlike aloe, it's not sticky and it sets to a soft matte finish. It keeps my makeup looking fresh all day. It also seems to have a similar effect as the Caffeine Mask I reviewed recently.

I'll try to keep you posted as to when this primer is officially released and other Pure news on Twitter at @Rawdorable and Instagram (also @Rawdorable).

Speaking of other news, don't forget to stop by your nearest 100 Percent Pure store tomorrow, June 25 through Saturday, July 4 to take advantage of the in-store $10 Deal of the Day. Discover a new daily deal for 10 days (limit 1 per day, per customer), as 100 Percent Pure celebrates 10 years. I have a feeling this amazing Coconut Hand Buttercream (it smells like coconut buttercream frosting) might be one of the deals, but it's just an educated guess based on the artwork on the back of the card.

*100 Percent Pure gave me these products for review. All opinions are my own :)

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Elsa-inspired Ice Box Cookies

Happy Father's Day everyone (Happy Father's Day Dad)! Today's recipe is inspired by "Daddy's Little Girl" (seriously, my daughter has my hubby wrapped around her little finger) and her favorite Disney character, Elsa from "Frozen."

In my last post, I showed you how we made this blue smoothie, using homemade veggie dye.

Then, I teased these blue green coconut-sprinkled cookies, using one to garnish this Colourful Coconut Funfetti Birthday Cake Batter Smoothie on Instagram for my hubby's birthday (this weekend is all about him).

As I have been a bit busy the past few days, this was my first opportunity to blog about these cool mint cookies. To make them, I put 3/4 cup almond flour, 1/4 cup coconut flakes, 1 Tbsp. almond butter, 1 Tbsp. coconut oil, 1 Tbsp. maple syrup, a sprinkling of sea salt, some vanilla (it wouldn't be an "unbaked" good without it) and peppermint extract, to taste (mint always makes me think of something cool and refreshing) in a mini food processor.

I gave all the ingredients a spin in my mini food processor until it looks like a dough.

I poured out the crumbly dough onto a clean flat surface (I used a cutting board), as shown.

Then, I molded the dough into a ball, before rolling it flat.

Once the dough was the desired thickness, I cut out small cookie shapes. I selected little flowers, which are similar to snowflakes, but more appropriate for the season.

I ended up with about 18-20 flower cookies, which I decorated with blue green (basically the official Elsa blue, in my opinion) coconut sprinkles (these were dyed with the natural veggie food coloring from my last post).

I added some frosty dimension with some plain shredded coconut on top. Yum! These store well in your fridge or freezer for a refreshing treat on this hot summer days. Happy first day of summer!

Hayden found a way to chill on this hot summer day, too. Check out her cucumber eye mask and fresh cucumber snack.

For those of you who were hoping for another 100 Percent Pure post, don't worry; I'll be posting more about those new Eye Creamsticks, Vitamints and the Mattifying Primer this week. Stay tuned, and check out my previews and makeup swatches on Twitter at @ Rawdorable and Instagram (also @Rawdorable).