Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Feeling fine in Luk Beautyfood Rose Lime

For months now, I've been following @lukbeautyfood on Instagram, hoping to one day try the luscious looking cruelty-free Lip Nourish colors. Lucky for me, I actually won my choice of these natural and neutral sheer lipsticks. Let me tell you, it was well worth the wait to get it.

Luk Beautifood is an Australian company that sells 100% natural, toxin-free makeup made from food. Seriously, according to the website, these lippies contain avocado oil, sesame oil and cacao butter to deeply nourish your lips, beeswax and lecithin to lock in moisture, ginger and spices for their anti-inflammatory properties, and antioxidant vitamin C-rich citrus to neutralize free radicals. They even come wrapped in this beautiful fabric that's printed with pictures of some of the natural ingredients found inside.

I selected a Lip Nourish in Rose Lime, which is described as universally flattering soft pecan sheer lip color. I call it a bit of a warm dusty rose that is similar to my natural lip color. It smells like lime, grapefruit and ginger, because it really has lime, pink grapefruit and ginger oil in it.

Here's a pic of me wearing this lipstick. It's perfect for that no-makeup makeup look, if you know what I mean. It really does nourish my lips. Instead of just temporarily masking chapped lips, it actually improves their texture. I'd highly recommend it.

It even goes well with my outfit of the day, for those of you who didn't catch it on Instagram or Twitter. It's been so hot and humid around here, so I opted to wear this H&M eco-friendly Conscious Collection dress from a couple years ago.

But, back to Luk Beautifood, here are the other Lip Nourish colors (I snagged the pic from the website). They are all so lovely that it makes it hard to pick just one. Which one would you like or have tried already? Let me know your thoughts on Twitter at @Rawdorable and/or on Instagram (also @Rawdorable).

BTW, Luk Beautifood also sells 100 Percent Pure, so it's your one-stop shop for both brands :)

* Luk Beautifood sent me this lipstick as a prize from a recent giveaway.
All opinions are my own :)

Monday, September 28, 2015

Color my world w/RMS Beauty

I have been a huge fan of RMS Beauty for years. I love the "Un" Cover-Up (I tend to wear 22 or 33, depending on the time of year), Buriti Bronzer (it looks so natural and works on various skin tones), Living Luminizer (this really brightens my look and gives me a healthy glow), Eye Polish (I currently have Lunar and Seduce, which have been repurchased over the years) and of course, the Lip Shines and Lip2Cheeks (Promise and Modest have been staples in my makeup collection).

Recently, I added the above bright shades, which remind me of vibrant watercolors. The Lip Shines are Royal (purple) and Sublime (a vivid pink), and the Lip2Cheek is Curious (a peachy orange). Like watercolor paints, all three colors provide a sheer wash of color across my lips and can be applied with my fingers, similar to finger paints.

Now that you've seen swatches of the colors, here's how they look on my lips, if you missed it on my Instagram feed. On Saturday, I couldn't wait to give my lips the "Royal" treatment. This regal purple looks amazing on my skin tone and doesn't make me look like a zombie, which can sometimes happen with pale purples. I also thinks it brings out my blue eyes. It's sheer enough to allow your natural lip color to shine through, leaving you with your own personalized purple hue.

While I'm at it, I've also been coordinating my outfits with my lipstick posts. This purple really popped against this Madewell Shirred Indigo Dress. It's currently in the sale section with an extra 30% off with the code EXTRA30 through October 2, 2015. It's so comfy, and is a nice fall transition piece.

On Sunday, I got "Curious" about this sunny orange lip and blush. Sometimes, peach is a little difficult for me to wear, but this orange really shines in a good way. It screams fall and has me more excited than any pumpkin-themed product on the market right now. Since it is a Lip2Cheek, this color is a bit more pigmented than the Lip Shines, but not at all overwhelming. It looks lovely on my cheeks, too.

I let this J. Crew "Scandal" dress (it reminds me of something Olivia Pope would wear) act as a blank canvas to highlight this stunning lip color. Although I purchased this dress last year, J. Crew now has a Structured Knit Zip Dress in Midnight and Black that is a more fitted version.

Today, I sported Sublime. When I first purchased it online, I expected it to be something in between its actual color and Royal. Instead, it's a bright pink that I love even more (and since I got Royal, I could always mix the two to get the other shade; in fact, I probably will this week). It's sheer, glossy and lively.

Such a fun and girly color, required an equally fun and girly dress. I paired it with last year's Madewell Pierside Dress. Since it's no longer available, may I recommend the Adore Dress in Wine (it also comes in Crystal Blue and Ink), the Cutout Sundress in Bandana Red or Onyx, and the Verse Dress in Tranquil Seaside. They are all currently in the sale section, as I type this.

These RMS Beauty lip colors not only coordinate with my wardrobe, but also with my Acure Organics Dry Oil Body Sprays in Coconut, Citrus Ginger and Rose. For example, I wore the Rose Dry Oil Body Spray today with the Sublime Lip Shine. Both the body oil sprays and the lip colors are so moisturizing and good for your skin. Stay tuned for a review of the body oil sprays and yet another RMS Beauty product.

RMS Beauty celebrated reaching 50k followers on Instagram over the weekend.  I received an honorable mention in their giveaway, which means I got to pick one of their new nail polishes (they are free of petrochemicals, parabens, DPB, toluene, camphor, xylene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and animal products). The colors are as amazing as their makeup shades, because they were inspired by and match their other products. I found it a bit difficult to pick just one, as I change my lip color often. Therefore I went with Luminizer (the above image is from the RMS Beauty website) to match that gorgeous glow. I can't wait for it to get here, so I can share my thoughts on it. 

Has anyone else tried RMS Beauty or their new nail polishes? Let me know on Twitter at @Rawdorable and/or Instagram (also @Rawdorable).

* I purchased these RMS Beauty lip products myself. All opinions are my own :)

Friday, September 25, 2015

Loving Red Apple Lipsticks

I'm so excited to finally get to try Red Apple Lipstick, after seeing so many of you rave about them and/or request to see them as lipstick of the day posts. Lucky for me, Red Apple Lipstick sent me three full-size colors to try, as well as this generous sample (seriously, you can get a lot of uses out of one sample, and you can buy them to try them for just $3.50 each).

These lovely lipsticks are gluten-free, allergen-free, nonGMO, paraben-free, toxin-free, cruelty-free and vegan. What more could you ask for in a lipstick? They also come in a huge variety of vibrant shades, that are creamy and long-lasting.

I must say that I had a blast taking these lippies for a test drive this week, starting with Berry Blast. It's a berry, bronzy plum shade that was perfect for welcoming the first day of fall. This one is a tad sheer compared to the others, and it has a hint of shimmer. This is the most moisturizing of the bunch.

Here's how it looks on my lips, in case you missed my lipstick of the day pic. I think it would be flattering on most skin tones.

Here's my outfit of the day pic, as well, since the lighting is slightly different. Bright light tends to bring out the bronze shimmer in it.

Next up  is Risque, which is a true red. I don't know about you, but I think everyone needs a good red lipstick that can be rocked with confidence. Social media seems to be buzzing about how perfect this red is, and I have to agree. It doesn't turn bright pink on my lips, and it's not too orange either.

Here's how it looks on my lips. I love how it makes my teeth appear whiter and my blue eyes pop. It stays put, if you remember to blot it, and if it does wipe off onto your glass or significant other, an intense amount of color still remains on your lips.

In contrast to the bright red, I had to try this Naughty nude lipstick. I actually wasn't a big fan of nude lipsticks until recently. I always thought they washed me out. I guess I just needed to find the right shade.

The nude lipsticks that work for me tend to have red undertones like this one, rather than something too beige. See how it almost matches the natural hue of my lips, rather than turning them into a blank canvas. I would like to layer some darker shades atop this color in future lipstick of the day posts, but today, I think this is just perfect.

This lipstick is creamy, although dry enough to stay put. This really has some staying power. The texture of this lipstick actually reminds me of one my grandmother had back in the day, but in a good way. I know it sounds strange, but I kept one of her lipsticks for years after she passed away. It was in a decorative tube that was missing its label on the bottom. I never did figure out the brand or the color. Therefore, this particular lipstick really brings back memories. Thanks Red Apple Lipstick.

Lastly, I tested out this Firecracker sample (you really have to check out the sample section on the site), although I have yet to post it as my lipstick of the day. Don't worry; that day will come, as I love this color, too. It's an orange red, which is a color that seems to be made for my skin tone (I have neutral coloring that is more warm than cool).

Here's a quick snap of me wearing it, although I'm sure I'll post a better pic in the future (stay tuned to my Instagram and Twitter).

If you need a closer look at all four colors, here are some swatches of Firecracker, Risque, Berry Blast and Naughty. What color is your fave? Let me know on Twitter at @Rawdorable and/or on Instagram (also @Rawdorable).

And now for the deals: Make sure you sign up for the VIP club to get 10% off regularly priced items,  buy three or more lipsticks to get a discount (buy two, get the third 1/2 off; buy four and get the fifth free) and/or check out the deals in the clearance section.

* Red Apple Lipstick sent me these lipsticks for review. All opinions are my own :)

Monday, September 21, 2015

Fashion blogging & that necklace

Lately on Instagram, I've been pretending to be a fashion blogger. Growing up, I wanted to be a fashion designer, stylist or something involving the fashion industry. Therefore, you'd think I would have started out blogging about fashion, but since I began as a foodie and later a beauty (hey, that rhymes), I don't think my audience is really interested in that sort of thing. I just ask that you humor me from time to time when I get the urge to post a fashion DIY or outfit of the day, like the one above.

We experienced our first taste of fall rainy weather today, so I had an excuse to wear my favorite cream-colored Madewell sweater from last spring (it's an excellent transition piece, as it isn't too heavy) and my plaid umbrella (I love an umbrella; when I was little, I would dance with an umbrella and sing/dance to "Singing in the Rain").

Since it wasn't too cold, I paired my sweater with these Madewell Rip & Repair Edition Denim Boyshorts (they are currently in the sale section as I type this), as well as my signature accessories: that Arrowhead Necklace I'm always wearing, Glider Bangle Bracelet and Staccato Stud Earrings. Although I bought all of these about a year ago, they've been so popular that Madewell brought them back.

When I say I wear this necklace all the time, I really mean it. I get tons of compliments and everyone wants to know where I got it. Here are some more outfit of the day examples that include this necklace, starting with another transitional look. This late in the summer, I still wore a gathered eyelet lace skirt (this one is no longer available, but there is this similar style in the sale section), but with a dark midnight sky short-sleeve sweatshirt (I bought this last year, but you get the idea). The necklace just gives a nice finishing touch.

Speaking of short-sleeve sweatshirts, this white one is a favorite of mine. You can't go wrong with a structured white top and classic denim. Since the sweatshirt is cropped (it's no longer available, but I like this stripe and this black and white option from the sale section), I paired it with high-waisted skinny skinny jeans ... and there's that necklace again. Oh, and don't forget the red lipstick. That day I was wearing 100 Percent Pure's Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze in Cherry topped with a Vitamint in Vino (I highly recommend layering your lipsticks to expand your color options).

So why am I posting so many Madewell items? Well, I do shop there a lot, and I found out about their "Best Year Ever" Instagram contest. Basically, you post photos of their clothing and accessories with the hashtags #everydaymadewell and #contest during the month of September. Each day, Madewell selects a winner to receive a Bien Fait (which translates to Madewell") bag full of prizes listed on the Madewell blog. These winners are also entered to win the grand prize (see the Madewell blog post I mentioned). My photos aren't exactly up to their standards, but it's fun to try, like with this photo of my classic black "BIEN FAIT" sweatshirt (it says "BIEN" on the front, and "FAIT" on the back; it can be easily dressed up or down), jeans, Outbound Jacket (no longer available, but this Madewell & Penfield Kasson Parka is cute), my signature necklace and Madewell tote.

While I'm at it, here are a couple more looks I've posted lately. I've been shopping my closet a lot, so it's rare that I can point you in the direction of the exact item. This is the Keynote Dress from last year, which is similar to Madewell's Adore Dress in Crystal Blue. I changed up the necklace, and you can, too, as the Moonspell Necklace is a two-toned longer version of it.

Sometimes, I just let the dress details speak for themselves, like with this insanely popular off white with blue embroidery dress. Again, I got it last year, but this year's Embroidered Stitchtake Dress looks based off of this one (it's in the sale section, so you'll have to act fast).

Anyway, that's what I've been wearing lately. Do you shop at Madewell? Do you have a signature accessory? Let me know on Twitter at @Rawdorable and/or Instagram (also @Rawdorable).

* All of these clothes and accessories are from my personal closet.
I'm just a fan of the brand :)

Friday, September 18, 2015

Blush for days

I got tagged by @cleancurator to share my #blushfordays post. I literally have "blush for days," so I narrowed it down to the ones I have been using lately. Although I posted this the other day on Instagram (the background image is from Paige Padgett's "The Green Beauty Rules" book I got from Eco18; I hope to do a review on it soon), I still had requests to do a more thorough post on the blog (here ya go @green_life_in_dublin; she just hit 1k followers, so congrats to her).

To start, I've been using this RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek in Promise for years. It's one of the first RMS Beauty products I ever tried (don't worry; it's been repurchased over the years). I love that it looks natural on both my lips and cheeks. It's a warm shade that's especially nice in the summer and going into fall. It's very moisturizing, so I recommend a dusting powder or some organic non-gmo constarch to set it on especially humid days. I'm a big fan of the glass containers that I've been known to reuse for other things when it's gone (think homemade cosmetics and a place to hold small crafting materials like small beads).

To the right of the RMS Lip2Cheek is Josie Maran's Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee in Poppy Paradise. I tend to use this color in spring and summer. It literally is a watercolor wash of color, so don't be scared away from what seems to be an intense shade. You can feel the coconut water when you apply it, yet it sets quite nicely. I've used it on my lips, as well, but I recommend wearing it with a gloss or a lip balm.

Of course, I have to include some 100 Percent Pure products, as these seem to be what I use the most. It's no surprise that these also fall into that multipurpose product category, although I have some of their standard blushes, too. This summer, I usually went straight for my 100 Percent Pure Lip & Cheek Tint in Peach Glow (I also have Cranberry Glow and Pink Grapefruit Glow, but when it comes to blush, I grab the peach one more often). It looks really natural and goes great with a summer glow.

When it's really humid, I sometimes opt for a semi-powder blush. 100 Percent Pure's Pot Rouge in Baby Pink is like a creamy version of a powder blush or a powdery version of a cream blush. It's silkier than traditional blush, glides on smooth, yet has a powder finish. This is a soft pink, suitable for most skin tones. It's just enough color without being too much. I have also applied it as an eye shadow and lipstick; however, I recommend wearing it with a lip gloss or lip balm to avoid drying out your lips.

Lastly, my Vapour Organic Beauty Aura Multi-Use Blush in Whisper gets a ton of wear year-round. With the exception of its slight shimmer, it is probably the closest to my true blush. It's quite light, yet provides enough color to brighten my paler winter complexion. Like the 100 Percent Pure Pot Rouge, this also leaves a powder finish, but is creamier in texture to start. I have worn it on my lips occasionally, but it can be a tad drying without a gloss (Vapour makes some lovely ones; I have Flare, Bitten and Discreet) or a lip balm.

Here are some makeup swatches of all the blushes side-by-side so you can see how they compare (from top to bottom: Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee in Poppy Paradise, 100 Percent Pure Lip & Cheek Tint in Peach Glow, 100 Percent Pure Pot Rouge in Baby Pink, Vapour Organic Beauty Aura Multi-Use Blush in Whisper and RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek in Promise). Which is your fave? Let me know on Twitter at @Rawdorable and/or Instagram (also @Rawdorable).

* Just so you know, I purchased all of these blushes myself :) 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Luxurious Luxe Apothecary

Recently, I was lucky enough to receive this  lovely package from Luxe Apothecary. Inside this sparkling gold shipping envelope (have you ever seen such a pretty shipping container?), I found this festive packing confetti (wouldn't that make you feel special?), along with a full-size Essential Oil Roll On in Energy and samples of the Stress Relief Essential Oil Roll On, Cleansing Oil and Cucumber + Aloe Toning Mist (if you think this packaging is beautiful, you should check out all the full-size products on the site; the bath products in particular are calling my name).

Immediately, I unscrewed the cap off of the Energy Roll On and applied it to my pulse points (I don't know if it's true, but my mama always taught me to apply scents in this fashion to really make them last). The essential oil blend of bergamot, sweet orange, lemon and ylang ylang in a sweet almond carrier oil was (and still is) a subtle, yet sweet and uplifting scent. I'm actually pausing to take another whiff of it now. I'm not sure if it really gives me an added boost of energy, but I sure do love it.

In contrast, the Stress Relief Essential Oil Blend is a bit stronger, but somehow more relaxing.  This blend of lavender, pink grapefruit, cedarwood, citrus, ginger and tea tree oil gives me that "stop and smell the roses" moment (although it does not at all smell like roses) that I've needed since the kids went back to school (you would think things would be more chill around here without them, but there's a lot more activity related to school and after school). It is both uplifting and calming at the same time. It's packed with some of my favorite scents.

I've actually had these products for about a week; however, I waited to post them until now, as I like to time my time testing them for myself. I've been using this Cleansing Oil sample (a combination of sunflower, sweet almond, coconut, apricot kernal and evening primrose oils), which surprisingly lasted longer than expected. You don't need much to cleanse away dirt and makeup (seriously, this stuff takes all your makeup off), while keeping your skin balanced. Oil cleansing (probably my favorite way to cleanse my skin) is a wonderful way to both cleanse your skin and keep it moisturized at the same time. If you are new to oil cleansing, you may experience some initial breakouts, but eventually you should see improved, clear skin.

Following the Cleansing Oil, I've been using the Cucumber + Aloe Toning Mist. The full-size product comes in a spray, so I had to improvise. I just put a tiny drop on my hands and dabbed it onto my skin. I almost used the word "splashed," but I thought that implied a greater amount of product. Let's just say that I applied it much like a man would put on aftershave (okay guys; you really don't need that much). I like that the grapefruit, bergamot and lime essential oils left my skin refreshed, while the rose and aloe kept it soft and supple.

I did skip the moisturizer some of the days (although there is a Vitamin C + White Willow Facial Creme I have yet to try; I bet it's amazing), but on others, I used this S.W. Basics Cream that's just as pure of these Luxe Apothecary products, except it only contains 3 ingredients (shea butter, coconut oil and olive oil). You would think all those ingredients would clog my pores, but it magically keeps my skin clear and smooth.

Obviously, I only have good things to say about both of these lines. I can't wait to add more of their products to my collection. Have you tried Luxe Apothecary and/or S.W. Basics? Let me know on Twitter at @Rawdorable and/or Instagram (also @Rawdorable).

* Luxe Apothecary and S.W. Basics sent me these products.
All opinions are my own.


On another note, I had this lovely beauty smoothie today, inspired by my lipstick (I'm wearing 100 Percent Pure's Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze in Cherry, topped with their Vitamint Sheer Lip Color in Vino; you can see my entire Vitamint review here, in case you missed it). I just blended some frozen cherries, red grapes, almond milk, vanilla and Philosophie Berry Bliss Vegan Protein & Superfood Powder to make this yummy Cherry Berry Grape Shake. So good!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

German Chocolate Cake-Inspired N'ice Cream

This is a quickie post to show you the yummy I treat I made to celebrate my mom's birthday over the weekend. German Chocolate Cake is her favorite, so it's no surprised that she's been obsessed with those German Chocolate Cake Cookies on Pinterest (I made her my tweaked version of them). Since the cookies aren't really my style, I made this banana n'ice cream, based on the cake.

To make this n'ice cream, I simply blended a base of frozen banana, cocoa powder and vanilla, although this Jem Raw Organics Hazelnut Raw Cacao Sprouted Hazelnut Spread would be a scrumptious addition. I topped it with some date paste "caramel" (soaked dates blended into a paste) mixed with coconut flakes and chopped pecans. I drizzled it with that Jem hazelnut spread and sprinkled on more pecans. Yum!

It's no surprise that I'm a huge fan of Jem Raw Organics. Although the Cinnamon Red Maca Sprouted Almond Butter is my fave, I highly recommend the Hazelnut Raw Cacao, Cashew Cardamom and Superberry Maqui Camu, too.

Have you tried Jem Raw Organics? What's your favorite flavor? What so you like to make with it? Let me know on Twitter at @Rawdorable and/or Instagram (also @Rawdorable).

* Jem Raw Organics sent me these spreads as a runner-up prize in a recent contest.
All opinions are my own.


Just for the fun of it, here are some other desserts I've made in the past in honor of my mom's birthday:

Hope you had a happy birthday, Mom! :)