Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy early Thanksgiving

As I decided not to post as much as I did when I started this blog, I thought I'd wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving now, rather than on the big day.

Here is a preview of what I might be serving up this year. It's a slice of my Rustic Raw Butterbella Lasagna. The details of how I made it can be found in my latest Natural Zing blog post (while you're there, don't forget to nominate them for Best of Raw 2010).

So, what do you have planned for your Thanksgiving feast?

If you're looking for some inspiration, I posted some pics from past raw Thanksgivings below. Enjoy!

A Turkfruity

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I voted; did you?

It's a little late to get you out to vote, as Election Day was yesterday (although I hope you did exercise your right by making it to the polls on time; I know I did). However, you can still stay in and nominate your favorites for the upcoming Best of Raw awards. Who has your vote this year?

On another note, I thought I'd also use this post to share some photos from the Halloween weekend. Yes, I did remember my camera, which was fully charged and with enough room on its memory card.

On Saturday night, we went down to the boardwalk for the first annual trick-or-treat and costume contest at the beach. I had to hold Hayden's number up for the judges to see. She was number 102 and Jacob (who wouldn't pose for this picture) was number 104.

My little Tinkerbell and Spiderman ran around the pavilion for the judges. Hey, where are their numbers?

Tinkerbell broke away from the pack. She was difficult to catch. The judges got a kick out of it, but I think they liked her personality more than her costume. Instead, they called numbers 101 and 103 back for review.

At least mommy was there to hug her and her brother. They're both still winners to me.

Next up was the trick-or-treating part, which was rather chilly (that's why Hayden wore her knit hat; I thought it looked a little like a Tinkerbell bun on top of her head). The "coolest part" was the peach smoothie she received from one of the participating local merchants. Even she thought it was better than the traditional candy.

On Halloween night, Jacob enjoyed going out with the boys (his cousins, Cameron and Colin). They actually had transforming Transformer costumes (Colin as Bumblebee and Cameron as Optimus Prime). All three boys had been Transformers a couple years ago, when Jacob was a transforming tank, Colin was Optimus Prime and Cameron was one of the Decepticons (I think he was Starscream, but I'm not certain). I wish I had a picture of that year to show you, too.

Here's Hayden again as Tinkerbell on Halloween night. She went to a few houses before opting to hang out with my parents, while we continued through a nearby neighborhood.

That's my Spiderman, looking quite fierce (one of Jacob's vocabulary words) in the darkness. No wonder he scored so much candy. I think we'll try some of the experiments from the link Kristen posted on her blog.

Earlier in the day, the kids got to dress up at a church function. Hayden helped Colin transform into a car.

Colin's mom (my sister Lori) also e-mailed me some pics her hubby took on our trip to the pumpkin patch. Hayden, Cameron and I decided to pose as veggies.

Jacob was nice enough to take the kiddie ride with Hayden. They were so cute.

Hayden got to pick out her first pumpkin. These were just her size.

Hope you had a happy Halloween, too :-)