Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snowed in with Coracao

I don't know how he does it, but my hubby can read my mind. He almost always seems to know exactly what I want, and this Valentine's Day is no exception. While snowed in by winter storm "Snowchi" (my favorite name I've heard to describe this East Coast storm so far; it's a combo of "snow" and "Sochi," in honor of this year's Winter Olympics) today, he surprised me with my Valentine's Day gift early, some scrumptiously decadent raw vegan chocolates by Coracao Confections.

Okay, so maybe I gave him a little hint, but he took it and ran with it. He must have run straight to his laptop and ordered these yummy treats as soon, as I mentioned the contest I had entered.

You see, Coracao Confections isn't always the easiest name to remember or to say, so the company decided to change its name. The fans of their chocolate get to select the new name. The winning entrant will not only rename the product, but will also receive a boatload of it. Fingers crossed that I win.

Anyway, my hubby was smart enough to realize that if I wanted to win all of that chocolate, I probably would love to get some for Valentine's Day. He really is a smart cookie. Check out what he got me.

Inside the first box was these tasty Blondies. One is their basic Blondie Bar, and the other is the more jazzed up Raspberry Blonde (the raspberry is really up my alley).

Next up was two packs of hot cocoa mix. One was Cora Quick, and the other was Love Potion (although I've been under my hubby's spell for years. Ha ha). The Love potion is "infused with 18 roses and the perfect blend of cardamom and maca." Nice :-)

Then there's the assorted chocolates, decoratively boxed and topped with a small bar of raw chocolate.

Here's a glimpse inside. There are so many flavors to savor and all of them worth tasting (unlike those assorted chocolates my grandma used to get; my sister and I used to poke our fingers in the bottoms in search of the "good" ones).

The "Live" Almond Heart is perfect for Valentine's Day ...

... but I really have my eye on this colorful concoction. Delish! Thank you, my love :-)

To balance out my Valentine's Day (or perhaps couple of days), I've also been enjoying some Life Juice that I found at Target recently. Positive Balance's bright beet hue (much like one of my favorite chocolate beverages these days; I really love beets and chocolate) has Valentine's Day written all over it. Love it!

On another note, the kids and I have been making Valentines, like these adorable crazy straw ones for Jacob's class (I guess his classmates will have to wait until next week to receive them, as school has already been canceled again due to the snow). We got the idea somewhere online (sorry that I can't remember where exactly I saw it), but we came up with the specific design ourselves. The original idea was to do a Valentine that said "from one crazy kid to another" with a crazy straw attached to it. We opted to include crazy heart faces, complete with googly eyes (Jacob's favorite part of the finished Valentine), and pipe cleaner hearts. Too cute :-)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!