Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Chipotle parfait at McDonald's

Okay, now I'll definitely have to explain that title. You see, while spending my time off from blogging with my son, we've gone on yet another play date with the kids and parents from his preschool class. Since we were unsure if the weather was going to be warm enough for the park, we ended up at the "Golden Arches" again.

As usual, there isn't much on the menu for me. Yes, it includes salads, but they are either topped with chicken or are so small that you have to order a dozen to feel like you've eaten anything (you know those side salads that contain a small handful of lettuce, some grated carrot, a few cucumber slices and two or three cherry tomatoes). Wouldn't it be nice if there was one with some avocado?

But, I wasn't about to complain. I just brought my own Chipotle-style salad (I've been known to get a salad from there made of EXTRA lettuce, EXTRA fresh tomato salsa and EXTRA guacamole - you've gotta stress the EXTRA since most people only get a little of these ingredients, filling the rest of the bowl with rice, beans, chicken and beef).

While getting ready to go, I wasn't quite sure which container to use to discretely bring my salad inside with us. I guess I could've used my usual stainless steel one I take to work, but I didn't want to draw a lot of attention to the fact that I didn't order my lunch from there.

So, I grabbed an old salad shaker container my mom got me years ago. It reminded me of the ones McDonald's used to sell a while back. It was perfect for layering the lettuce, fresh salsa and guacamole in like a parfait. Every bite had a combination of all three ingredients, and it was convenient to carry, like bringing your own bottle of water.

I also made sure I had my own bamboo utensils in my purse, so I'd have something besides the plastic-ware with which to eat it. I don't think anyone who worked there even noticed.

Do you think they'd notice this (you shouldn't be eating that ... but that doesn't explain why he would punch Jon Bon Jovi, who was eating a salad, or the people with the fruit)? That clip totally cracks me up.

When it first aired, my husband and I played it over and over that night on the DVR (things are a lot funnier late at night). Somehow we started talking about it again this weekend, so I thought I'd share it with you. Don't be surprised if some of my other favorite Saturday Night Live clips start popping up in the future, as well (although I am not going back to my usual consistent blogging schedule).

By the way, before I sign off, happy end of tax season! My dad is an accountant, so we'll get to see more of him after today :-)


HiHoRosie said...

Hey great idea with the salad shaker. I'll have to invest in one of those.

Glad to know there's another SNL fan out there. My husband and I are always using our dvr to replay those really funny clips and the punching clip is one of those.

rawleen said...

That clip was hilarious! Hubby and I try to watch SNL every weekend but I don't think we ever watched that one. Andy is so funny!
I needed that laughter this morning! Thank U

shannonmarie said...

You're welcome you two. I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as I did :-)