Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Oops, I did it again

I went back to my old ways, by indulging in blueberry muffins this weekend (I've had them on my mind since filling out this survey last week). No wonder you haven't heard from me in a couple days. I'm so embarrassed :-(


Colleen Miller said...

OMG I had to laugh out loud. I was not expecting to see that! At first I thought it was rawified, and I thought wow, this girl's good!!!
You've gone to the dark side, I understand. But we need you. Pleeeease come back!!!

Unknown said...


i have to admit. i've been slipping up too since my computer has been broken.

you're on the right track. stay human.

Jenny said...

i thought the same as rawleen at first- wow this girl can "rawify" ANYTHING! I mean, you still can. . . but the photo defnitely threw me for a minute!

no worries, it's all just the love and consciousness that's infused in your moments (and in the food, raw or not) and we adore you just as much as ever, and you're no less rawdorable.
xx Jenny

osiim b'yad said...

Even more unhealthy than eating blueberry muffins is stressing about a blueberry muffin! No worries!

Splurge Sisters said...

I am curious - is this an April Fool's day joke?

No worries if it wasn't - you're still amazing!


Steph said...

Don't worry. Diets aren't law. You make your own. Raw is kind to the body, so a Bluberry Muffin...properly savored of course...is like a little treat!

Noone is judging. We're all lovers here!!

Michelle said...

Nice treat! Do not feel badly though, if you enjoyed it then it was worth it right? Don't stress out, smile!

Candice Davis said...

If that's the worst thing you've done, you're doing pretty darn fine! Seriously, if you're choosing something cooked to eat, you're at least choosing something you LOVE!

Gina Laverde said...

Oh Shannon... for me this weekend was all about how much pizza I could eat (while remaining on at least 1 gallon of raw juice. do not be hard on yourself. I hope that u enjoyed the muffins while u ate them. its all about balance!

Heather Pace said...

Oh come on silly girl - its only a muffin!!! It's not gonna kill you. The most important question is: did you enjoy it? I hope so, without guilt. Now onwards and upwards :D

Anonymous said...

i love how supportive everyone is on here!! i am a vegan that is beginning to venture into the raw food world and this is very reassuring! its good to know we can all love, support and understand.

RawBin said...

LOL! I was trying to figure out how you made that raw muffin look so real. You're, what? going on two years raw? I think you're entitled to have a splurge occasionally.

I hope you took the time to enjoy it before you started beating yourself up about it! I watched a woman eat two of these while we talked today.

You're still our Rawdorable girl!

shannonmarie said...

Wow, I never expected so many responses to this post that didn't question the fact that it was April Fool's Day. Good catch, Caron.

I was happy to find out that you all care so much. If I ever do fall off the wagon (although I did have some steamed veggies this weekend), I know you all have my back and will inspire me to get right up on it again. Thanks.

By the way, to all of you who did or have gone to the cooked side, so to speak, I've got your back, too. It's not the end of the world. No regrets. It's not worth the stress :-)