Saturday, August 16, 2008

Farm fresh wherever I go

I haven't posted in a week. Why so long? Well, I've been on vacation.

When you're a raw foodie, the thought of traveling away from home can sometimes be stressful, but it doesn't have to be that way. Vacations are meant for relaxing, so try taking that approach to your diet while you're gone.

In the past, I've spent a lot of time making raw crackers, cookies, granola, etc. in preparation for the trip (which I also have to pack up for transport and make sure I consume them during my stay away from home). I've also planned menus in advance that are difficult to stick to, especially when spontaneity takes control (you never know what food you'll find when you get there or where you'll be when hunger strikes).

This year I decided to change things up a bit by packing light. Knowing that I'd have to share kitchen space with the extended fam (my parents, sister, her friends, grandfather, my hubby and son, etc.; my other sister and her group had their own kitchen), the first thing I packed was some green powder (I was never going to have room for all those greens I usually consume, and I'd have to wait until everyone was awake before using the blender), along with a fistful of various raw bars (Larabars, Raw Revolution, Organic Food Bars, etc.). I also brought some goji berries, raw nuts and some pre-made seasoning packets (I mix together my own combinations in little snack-size bags, so I don't have to bring the whole spice cabinet).

Otherwise, I like to rely on whatever comes my way, whether it be from the nearby grocery store, restaurant or preferably from a roadside stand/farmers market. Can you believe the majority of my meals on vacation this year involved local produce?

First of all, I hit up the farmers market by my house the night prior to departure in search of a last supper and some snacks for the road. Then, on the way to our destination, I stopped at Pop Pop's Peaches for more fresh fruits and veggies for the trip. In addition to the peaches (like I would've passed those up), I also purchased some cantaloupe (for breakfast the next morning), cukes, tomatoes, zucchini, yellow squash, strawberries, blueberries (aren't they beautiful?) and more.

To keep the local eats coming all week, I also learned about a farmers market at the beach. To my surprise, it was open Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, so of course, I went twice. I found out about it on the Internet, so I highly recommend searching out the markets in the area you'll be traveling to next.

I returned home yesterday, just in time to hit up the market by my house again. I actually found some Southern Maryland grown figs (my personal fav), as well as some more items to restock the fridge. I plan on going to the NaturalZing potluck tonight. I think these peaches (pictured at the top with the figs) will be a nice contribution to the spread.

*Since posting this entry, I've linked it to the Farmer's Market Report, where others have shared their farmers market experiences. Check it out :-)


Kerry said...

Wow! You are a dedicated! Great suggestions for vacation dining.

I'm hosting a "Farmer's Market Report" Mr. Linky. Maybe you'd like to submit this post? Come on by and check it out:

shannonmarie said...

Thanks for the invite. I'm there :-)

Kerry said...

Thanks for your submission to the Farmer's Market Report! I'll have the next Report up at 10am on this Sat. - Aug 23rd. Hope to see you again!

shannonmarie said...

I took some more pics at the farmers market last night. Hopefully, I can put together something today or tomorrow. I'd love to participate again.

Samantharaw said...

Hi! I am new to raw and LOVE your blog. I know you said the blog is now going to be more non food related, but I have a few questions for you if you do not mind. Everything you make looks so good and you make SO much stuff, but how are you able to? I'm married too with an 8 week old, but it seems raw foods can be time consuming. And I really want to be able to make a variety of raw desserts, it just seems each one is so involved. And I see you making so many, for all your cravings, and I'm wondering how you manage to do that and isn't it costly? I'm sorry if I bothered you, but I want to make ALL your recipies, yet can barely find time to make one. And it seems like everything calls for different stuff. Like how were you able to make so many different types of cupcakes? Especially if only you are eating them.. I want all of them! I am the lone raw in my family too. My email is if you have any time to reply. Thanks!

shannonmarie said...

I just sent you an e-mail, so you can reply with your other questions.

As for the ones you've posted so far, I've just been used to making different meals since my husband and I first got married. I try to tie them together with similar ingredients. For instance, sometimes I cook regular pasta for him and my son, while I spiralize some zucchini "noodles."

I also try to cater my menu based on what I have on hand and what is on sale. I try to buy produce in season, and I love to hit up the farmers markets in the warmer months.

Stock up on raw nuts and keep them fresh in your freezer. I also put leftover cupcakes in there, so they are always available in a pinch (no, I didn't eat them all at once).

I hope this helps. Good luck in your raw food adventure :-)