Saturday, August 23, 2008

"I'm a farmers market reporter"

Last week, I was invited to share my farmers market experience as part of Kerry's Farmer's Market Report. Lucky me, I was offered the chance to do it again.

So, here it goes in mostly photos:

Last night, I managed to bring my trusty camera to the beach's weekly farmers market, where I started off at Swann Farm. There, I picked up some peaches the size of softballs and a cantaloupe. I also would've grabbed one of their watermelons, but I'd already bought one the day before at a nearby stand (I had half of it for breakfast this morning).

The line for their stand is usually the longest, but well worth the wait. Their corn is very popular, and I purchased the best cucumbers of the summer there a couple weeks ago. I would've taken a pic, if I had my camera that day. Instead, one of their crew posed for this one last night (if you're reading this, see you next week).

At least I managed to get my hands on some sweet cucumbers (I hate it when they're bitter) from the same stand I purchased my watermelon. I hope to make this granita I found at work yesterday in a copy of Cooking Light magazine (someone left it on the lunch table). I never would've thought to make a frozen dessert out of cucumbers.

Speaking of granita and Cooking Light, I also brought home a recipe for Heirloom Tomato Salad with Tomato Granita, which would be lovely made out of the tomatoes I purchased from my favorite tomato guy. He lets you pick and chose your favorites, mine being the green zebra stripes hidden in the bottom of my box (they were the last ones, so I had to grab them fast). He also sells some pretty pesticide-free flower bouquets.

From there, I moved on to the Omish stand, where I found green and yellow string beans, as well as some figs. They were also selling tomatoes, baked goods, handmade bath products, clothes and more.

There was so much to experience that I was unable to capture it all. This was just a taste. Other stands had plums and apples, a sign of fall being near. There was also the usual squash and peppers, baked goods, fudge, and these gorgeously green plants. Tons of people supported the local farmers and other businesses, all carrying home their purchases in reusable totes designed specially for this event. Something tells me I'm going to miss this when its over.


HiHoRosie said...

What an awesome farmer's market! Everything looks super - love the peaches!

shannonmarie said...

The peaches are the best, and I've eaten a lot of peaches so far this year. The really big ones are a dollar a piece, but so worth it.

HiHoRosie said...

a dollar a piece?! That's CHEAP!

shannonmarie said...

The best part is that you get to pick out each one yourself. The big ones are not pre-bagged. They are huge. I guess I meant to say they are worth more than a dollar a piece.

Kerry said...

Thanks for submitting your post. I'll have this week's Farmer's Market Report up tomorrow by 10AM. Hope to see you then!

shannonmarie said...

Kerry, I wish I could participate this week, but unfortunately, I didn't make it to our farmers market last night, due to my new injury. However, I did get to a nearby produce stand a few hours before I had my spill.