Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mallicious Movie Madness

For this week's Thursday Night Raw, we had planned on making it a theme night, complete with a viewing of a movie my hubby and I hadn't seen in a while (we've been doing this a lot lately; watching silly flicks that used to make us laugh a lot).

The stage was set. Dinner was raw corn dogs, carrots and celery sticks in place of fries (gotta lighten things up a bit), cauliflower served up in popcorn containers (for the fun of it) and smoothies to wash it all down.

I made the corn dogs using this recipe (why make one up when someone already did?) for the hot dog part, which I formed around bamboo sticks (the ones sold it the grocery store for making candy/caramel apples) prior to "cooking" in my dehydrator. Then, I formed a cornbread coating (now that's why I had those ears of corn) around them and put them back in the dehydrator to "bake" the rest of the way.

Matthew wasn't so psyched about the results, but I could've predicted his reaction. He has never been a hot dog fan and therefore never tried a corn dog.

Why would I prepare such a thing for his weekly raw meal? Well, I already know how difficult it is to exactly replicate something he loves, so I thought I'd take a different approach and maybe get him to like a raw version of something better than its cooked counterpart.

Okay, so maybe I failed this time, but it won't stop me from attempting this approach again. However, since my hubby at least tried a raw corn dog for me (he ate half of one), I'll probably make a sweet dinner for him next week (his choice, of course).

At least I had all those raw veggies to help fill him up, as well as a strawberry banana smoothie (and you thought the pink one was for me). I had an orange mango banana smoothie, similar to the Orange Julius ones I used to get at the mall as a small child (along with a corn dog; see how this is all tying together).

I poured the leftovers of the two smoothies (what didn't fit into our Star Wars cups; there's that movie theme again) into a glass, which Jacob claimed as his own. Usually, he has no interest in smoothies, but I wasn't going to stop him from taking a sip.

He took a few sips before deciding it wasn't for him, but I am proud of him for trying it. I bet he would have drank the whole thing if it didn't have so many flavors in it. I'll try making one with just orange and banana for him next time.

Jacob did eat mostly raw with us that evening, but I allowed him to sneak some Cheerios in with his meal. It was just nice to sit down at the table together.

After our meal, Matthew and I had thought Jacob would go to bed early (he was tired from his party at school and the hours I let him play at the park with his friends later in the day), so we could watch Mallrats (now, here's the real preview, but I prefer this music video - my sister loves this song).

We were mistaken; the little man stayed up to watch the new episodes of his favorite shows on Cartoon Network, which we viewed as a family. I guess we'll be saving our movie for tonight, when he's at his grandparent's house (Saturday is our date night) :-)


Alissa said...

hey mary ann

have you seen this?

shannonmarie said...

I yeah, I saw that. It wasn't me :-)

katequinn said...

That is a really cool theme dinner, I love the cauli served in the popcorn container!

Thanks for posting the Mallrats video clip too, I'm a huge Kevin Smith fan but have never seen this before :)

rawleen said...

YES! I have been dreaming about raw-dogs!!! Love the corn-y twist.
I'm going to try these tomorrow!!!

RawBin said...

My kids like jay and silent bob. Willow and her friend are making a video for school. I'm forwarding your video link to them! My hubby loves corn dogs. Once more, you've inspired me. I'm going to start a "Thirsty" Raw Night at our house, too. If they leave the table feeling hungry, they can drink extra water to fill up ;)

shannonmarie said...

katequinn, I can't believe you haven't seen Mallrats. Quick to the video store. You've gotta rent this one :-)

Rawleen, I saw your pizza (and the shamrock cookies; they rock!). I can see why your husband went back for another slice.

Rawbin, somehow I'm not surprised that they like Jay and Silent Bob. I hope they enjoy the link. Keep me posted on those Thursday nights.

rawleen said...

I'm making these hot dogs tonight and was wondering what you used for your "cornbread" coating? If you get a chance let me know. Thanks! :-)

shannonmarie said...

I'm sorry I took so long to respond. I hope I'm not too late.

Unfortunately, I didn't write it down, but I can tell you it was a mixture of corn, flax, oats, EVOO, agave and sea salt. Oh yeah, and for some reason, I think I also added a little bit of coconut butter. The batter was rather thick so it held its shape during the dehydrating process.

Actually, I think most raw corn bread recipes would work. Penni Shelton also has a good one, if you want a Mexican flavor.