Friday, October 14, 2011

The Incredible Shrinking Halloween Treats

When I was little, I watched "The Incredible Shrinking Woman," which was the inspiration for this title (she shrunk due to testing out an experimental perfume; now that's a warning to be careful with what you put on your body). Lily Tomlin just cracked me up in it, as well as in "9 to 5," another of my favorite flicks back then.

To this day, I still think of the part (in "9 to 5") when she's running and pushing what she thinks is her boss's dead body on a stretcher through the hospital, every time I'm making a quick grocery run (okay, so it's not a hospital, nor is there a dead body involved, but you should see me push that cart through the store in a rush). I also picture her dressed like "Snow White," and later confessing she "thought it was Skinny & Sweet" that she put in Mr. Hart's coffee (I guess you'd have to see it to know what I mean).

Well, I assure you there are no poison apples in this post, but they are tempting. I tested out Family Fun Magazine's idea to make mini caramel apples by using a melon baller to scoop the apple into the perfect round bite-size shapes. I quickly dipped mine in some raw nut butter and rolled them in chopped raw chocolate (any raw chocolate bar will do) and nuts. You could also make a raw caramel out of date paste, nut butter, pure maple syrup and vanilla, like I've posted about in a full-size version (or just date paste, if you make it out of good quality caramel-tasting dates).

To add interest, I garnished my mini nut butter apples with a tiny baby spinach leaf, to look like a fresh apple leaf. I even continued the trend with my other two mini treats.

You may also recall the raw version of "dirt & worms," I made on my site a few years ago. If not, let me refresh your memory.

Basically, "dirt & worms" is a kid (and kid at heart) treat made out of cake and pudding, to represent "dirt." Then, gummy worms, candy bugs, edible plants (herbs or greens; mint is used a lot), etc. complete the look.

I usually whip up a raw avocado-based chocolate pudding and sprinkle raw "cake" crumbs (leftovers from making raw cupcakes, crumbled up Larabars, etc.) over the top. Then, I add dried fruits (cut and shaped like worms), a cinnamon stick stem, spinach leaves and set it in a pot to really make it appear authentic.

To make a mini version, simply make mini raw chocolate cupcakes with a hallowed out well to fill with the raw chocolate pudding of your liking. Sprinkle some cupcake crumbs over the top and garnish with a goji berry "worm" (stick about four goji berries together and form it into a worm shape) and some tiny baby spinach leaves.

If you really want to jazz these mini "dirt & worms" up, try serving them in teeny tiny flower pots. So cute :-)

To complete the tiny trio of treats, I made a raw version of a smiling popcorn ball or rice crispy pumpkin.

Instead of popcorn, I substituted a raw cereal, much like in these treats I posted about on the Natural Zing blog (I used to blog for their site when I had more time; you can find more of my 2010 posts for them there). I had some leftover raw whipped icing (from making these Halloween cupcakes and these Star Wars ones, too), so I dyed it orange with a little carrot juice and mixed it in the raw cereal (you could use a premade raw cereal or your own; even plain soaked/sprouted/dehydrated buckwheat will do) to bind it together.

The sticky treats were then formed into mini pumpkin shapes and decorated with chopped raw chocolate (I was out of cacao nibs) to create a smiling face. Then, I placed a mini baby spinach leaf on top to add some color and tie it in with the other two minis. I also let them set in the fridge to help firm them up a bit.

All three treats can be served on toothpicks, but be careful to remove them before serving to a small child. Happy early Halloween. What are your raw treat plans?


On another note
Like I said in the beginning of the post, I think it is important to be careful with what you put on your body. There are plenty of natural options on the market now that still let you be a girlie girl (or properly pampered guy).

Of course, you know I'm a huge 100% Pure fan. In fact, I just ordered some more products from the company yesterday, including that naturally-scented, kid-friendly gift set I mentioned in my 100% Pure post. I had hoped to get the strawberry ice cream one, but it was sold out (I guess you all beat me to it). We got the chocolate mint ice cream scent instead (still a yummy smelling choice).

I also opted to test out Carol Alt's Raw Essentials line (I've been very curious about this line, because it contains raw ingredients ... and because Carol looks amazing), purchasing the basic products in a set via OpenSky. I just got them a couple days ago, and I must say, I am loving them so far. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to post more about them soon (they smell really good, too).