Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Eat my dust

Or, in this case, eat my dirt. Yuck!

But this is not just any dirt. It's not really even the real thing, which is fine by me for once. I usually hate it when nonraw friends and family refer to what I eat as fake. My raw food sure tastes like it exists to me.

Which reminds me; Jimmy Kimmel was so cute on the Bonnie Hunt Show yesterday. He joked about his imaginary diet, where he can only eat food that exists solely in his mind. He even demonstrated how to make a dish, using empty ingredient bowls, bare cutting boards (you should have seen his and Bonnie's chopping skills) and invisible final products. Although I don't recommend this kind of diet to anyone, it would be a fun activity to do with your kids.

Now, back to the rawified kid-friendly cuisine. What you see is not actually dirt, but a raw version of the classic "Dirt & Worms" childhood treat. I've been served this in little Dixie cups at various Halloween parties when I was little. Sometimes when a mom would get extra creative, she would even present them to us in mini clay pots.

The original recipe usually calls for some kind of pudding and/or whipped topping, layered and topped with either chocolate cake or cookie crumbles to look like a combination of mud and dirt. It was like an edible mud pie of sorts. To add to the gross factor (kids get a kick out of this), gummy worms where placed strategically throughout the dish.

Of course, I wasn't about to use gummy worms, so I quickly substituted some dried fruit cut to mimic the chewy candies. I gave them a home in some raw chocolate pudding and ground up nuts mixed with cocoa powder, agave and coconut milk. I guess I could've crumbled up one of my cupcakes from the other day, but I couldn't bare to ruin one.

I spruced up the final product by displaying it in a metal flower pot and adding some foliage in the form of a cinnamon stick stem and some spinach leaves. Hope this inspires you this Halloween season. Maybe I'll post some more ideas like this soon :-)