Wednesday, January 11, 2012

You can't "beet" this lip & cheek stain

Hayden and I love making our own natural beauty products. For example, we refilled her cupcake lip gloss containers with raw vegan versions, whipped up in our kitchen. One was White Chocolate Vanilla and the other was Strawberry Speckled Gloss.
Today, we decided to make a Cinnamon Roll Gloss (inspired by the other day's Bella Bar post) to go with a "fresh beet"-based (reminds me of this group Hayden likes, although they are called "The Fresh Beat Band." Notice the "beat" instead of the "beet?") lip & cheek stain. I had been meaning to experiment with beets in beauty products ever since my Twitter friend Sarah Henning and I had a tweet session about it.

I recalled our "tweet-scussion" (I just made that up; it basically means "a tweet discussion") the other day when I saw an article about what's in a very popular lip stain on the market (lead and other harmful substances). I don't know if it's true or not, but from now on, I think I prefer to make it myself.
Hayden and I set up our kitchen lab (complete with camera to capture the whole thing on video for you), and came up with this simple concoction: just fresh beet juice, a squeeze of lemon (I thought it might preserve the color and freshness) and a little bit of melted coconut oil for moisture (had to counteract the drying effects of the lemon). We poured it into a clean, sterilized roller ball lip gloss container and tested it out (My Beauty Bunny Hayden fussed a bit on screen, but you can see in this picture above that she loved how she looked in the end).

Then, we also stirred some vanilla and cinnamon into a small bowl of room temperature coconut oil (it's solid when in cooler environments, like ours). Hayden had a blast helping to mix it up, as well as applying it to her lips (once the camera was turned off).

If your house is warmer than ours at the moment, you may want to store your Cinnamon Roll Lip Gloss in the fridge to keep it solid. You can also keep your lip stain there, but it will solidify. Don't worry, though; you can always warm it up again to reapply :-)


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