Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy Chocolate Mustache New Year!

We got a little silly around here lately, trying to lighten the mood a bit by testing out our chocolate mustache molds. I picked them up at the craft store over the holidays (mainly because most of the men on Matthew's side of the family have real ones; I prefer the chocolate variety), and to my surprise, my mom purchased the same ones.

Hayden and I were the only ones bold enough to pose for chocolate mustache pics (you can't make chocolate mustaches without taking a photo with them). I had hoped to get Jacob and Matthew in the shot as well, but 2 out of the 4 of us isn't bad (oh, and you can see Matthew's hand helping Hayden place her mustache in exactly the right place).

Okay, Hayden and I do look a little crazy with these things (which explains the fact that I'm blushing, literally, with embarrassment in the first pic; my skin isn't always that bright pink color). Thank goodness we can't actually grow one. We just wanted to start the new year on a fun note.

Hope all of you are having fun, too. Have a happy new year from us to you! :-)


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