Friday, January 25, 2013

Bring in the snow

My kids were so excited when they woke up yesterday morning to see a blanket of fresh white snow on the ground. Since we barely had a dusting last year, so it was extra special to finally have a snow day (Jacob was getting worried that global warming was going to keep the snow away for good; I guess he's been learning about it in school).

The last time Hayden played in the snow was before she could walk. Therefore, most of what she knows about snow is from pictures and what she sees in the cartoons. You can imagine the look on her face when she saw the real thing.

Unfortunately, she has a cold, and it was bad enough yesterday to keep her inside. As a result, we brought some snow inside to her, so she could experience what it's like to form snowballs (yes, she even threw them, wondering why everything was getting wet) and build a tiny snowman.

Here Hayden is forming her first snowball ...

... and then holding it up right before she threw it at me.

Here's her first snowman (she insisted on the carrot nose).

Let's take a closer look.

This kept her occupied while my hubby was kind enough to take Jacob out sledding. He even snapped some cute pics and took video of them going down the hill together. Hayden got a kick out of it, too. She can't wait until it's her turn :-) 

On another note, I actually got a chance to step outside and take a pic of my smoothie (a ton of parsley with strawberry, banana, fresh ginger root, cinnamon and lemon). A little snow won't keep me away from a this cool green beverage. Yum!

Anyone else drink green smoothies year-round?