Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tiptoeing Tiny Dancer

My little lady has certainly been keeping me on my toes lately. As a result, I'm finally getting around to sharing some pics from last week's Parent Observation Day at Hayden's dance class. She's certainly come a long way since that first class (Remember those tears in her eyes when she realized I wouldn't be going in with her?). I'm so proud of my tiny dancer.

When Hayden first started taking dance classes during the summer, I posted some ballet pics, along with the smoothies I was making while taking part in the Colourful Palate Smoothie Challenge (the kids and I had a blast photographing my daily smoothies with their stuffed animals). Now that the weather is cooler, I thought I'd take a similar approach with today's post, adding a warm version of a "smoothie."

Lately, Hayden and I have been sipping almond and/or coconut milk-based hot chocolate. When we want to change things up a bit, sometimes we just blend a big scoop of natural peanut butter with some warm almond milk and vanilla (my Tribest or Magic Bullet work great for this). There's no need for sweetener when pb is involved. I also have been known to add some rice protein like Sunwarrior or Perfect Fit to the mix (when I add Perfect Fit Protein, I refer to it as "Perfectly Hot PB"). Then, it's like having a protein-packed smoothie that keeps you warm on a cold winter's day.

How are you staying warm?


wednesday, january 23, 2013 cont. ...

Look what I found :-)

I just got back from picking up a few items at what Hayden refers to as "the little grocery store" (a tiny grocery/liquor store near our house). Although small, I'm amazed at some of "the finds" I've discovered there. It's definitely not a Trader Joe's or Whole Foods, but I have been impressed with their organic grapes and various other healthy surprises.

For example, today, I found these Brad's Raw Leafy Kale (usually I have to make a trip to Whole Foods for these). I must admit, I impulsively picked up both the nacho and vampire killer flavors (they also had one other flavor). It's good to know these are here when I want a simple Super Bowl snack. I'm also thinking about making Judita's Heavenly Nacho Cheese. Yum!