Monday, March 25, 2013

Step into Spring snow?

As you know it's Spring, and I'm already reflecting the season in my DIY projects (check out my last post for how to make the floral necklace below). Unfortunately, Mother Nature must have missed the memo.

My latest project was a pair of shoes I had hoped to wear for Easter. Fingers crossed that the weather cooperates, as I wouldn't advise wearing these in the snow.

I've wanted to try covering a pair of shoes in fabric for a long time, and I finally got my chance. I had gotten a pair of white sparkly shoes that were a bit too juvenile for my taste (probably because they are kid shoes; I have very small feet), so rather than keep them in the closet, I decided to give them a bit of a makeover.

Inspired by yet another sold-out J.Crew design, I purchased this similar fabric (it's definitely not the same shade of blue, but I think I like my brighter hue) to cover the top of the shoe, along with some silver glitter to jazz up the heel (did I mention that the J.Crew pair has a $278 price tag, while mine only cost me around $20).

To start, I made a pattern out of tissue paper. I just shaped it to the shoe and used a pencil to mark the outline. Then, I cut out the pattern and traced it onto the fabric (tip: pay attention to the print on your fabric; try to line the patterns up so both finished shoes will match).

Of course, I cut out the fabric, making sure to leave enough around the traced area to tuck under as I adhered it to my shoe (this ensures a smooth edge). 

I opted to make my shoe pattern into two sections, based on the construction of my shoe. I glued the smaller of the two pieces to the shoe, folding, tucking, cutting and readjusting until it fit just right.

If you thought the last step was difficult, just wait until you try applying the larger piece of fabric to your shoe. It's important to work in sections and cut darts as needed. It's also best to work from the toe to the back.

Once I completed covering my first shoe, I repeated these steps with the second one. 

Later, I glittered the heels (ignore the wet fabric mark that faded once the shoes were completely dry). I recommend mixing a craft glue like Mod Podge with your glitter and painting it on with a brush (I tried the "shake it on/knock off the excess" method first, but it didn't work as well). Do this in multiple coats and allow it to dry in between each coat. 

It's best to wait a day or two before stepping out in these shoes, but I still slipped them on for a quick pic. I hope to wear them out of the house after the snow melts.

Yes, I said it again; I said "snow." Can you believe these pics of Hayden and Jacob are from the church Easter egg hunt yesterday? It was nice enough to have it outdoors. 

And, this is Hayden peeking outside at the snow we have today.

When the flakes slow down, I'll be taking the kids out to play in it. Who else is having a Spring snow day?