Monday, December 15, 2014

Happy holiday turtles

After a long break from both blogging and Twitter, I've suddenly found myself involved again in social media. While tweeting the other day, I came across the cutest vegan turtle recipe posted by Vega. The sweet treats kinda looked like adorable turtles, so I just knew the kids and I should make them.

They were so simple to recreate. The recipe is posted here on the Vega website, but I'll give you a quick photo breakdown of how it's done.

First, we made a raw almond meal cookie base in the food processor, as shown.

Then, we pressed the base into silicone cupcake liners (the recipe said it would make a dozen, but we ended up with 10 larger turtles).

The base chilled in the freezer, while we whipped up some raw vegan date caramel. The caramel was dolloped on top of the cookie base and returned to the freezer.

Once set, the caramel-topped cookies were removed from the liners, covered in chocolate and decorated with pecan "turtle legs."

Lastly, we added "happy turtle faces" with chocolate chips and piped chocolate eyes and smiles.

Happy holidays!