Monday, October 27, 2008

"Are you a good witch or a bad witch? Which?"

That silly scarecrow is at it again, checking out more of my Halloween treats. He can't wait for me to get these raw pumpkin spice cupcakes all dressed up for him to eat.

He reminds me of that indecisive man of straw we all know and love from "The Wizard of Oz." Remember how he told Dorothy to go one way to the Emerald City, and then suddenly changed his mind, pointing in the other direction? Then, he suggested that some people go both ways, crisscrossing his pointed fingers.

I wonder if he could decide if these cupcakes were topped with good witch or bad witch hats. Although I don't recall Glinda in her fluffy pink gown wearing one in that style, I'm sure these pointed chocolate cookie replicas tasted pretty good.

The cookies were shaped and "baked" (in my dehydrator, of course) from the same dough I used to make my n'ice cream sammies from the other day. You may recognize the recipe from the raw thin mints (minus the mint) I made back in January.

I thought the chocolate hats would be a festive decoration (not to mention edible; you may recall the toy spiders atop last week's cupcakes) for my pumpkin spice cupcakes iced with green-tinted raw icing (green powder or liquid chlorophyll will do the trick).

So for all of you avoiding chocolate, you can either substitute carob in the cookies or just remove the hats. They still taste yummy without them, although they look much cuter decked out this way.

Dressed up as good or bad witches, these little cup-size goodies take the cake. Trick or treat :-)