Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Don't forget the Chex party mix

As you know, 2008 is nearly over, and it's almost time to ring in the new year. What better way to celebrate than with some good old fashioned Chex party mix? That is, unless you're a raw foodie.

Growing up, I always made sure my mom made a batch of the stuff for all our holiday celebrations, especially New Year's Eve. Therefore, I just had to find a way to recreate the experience in raw form, of course.

It was fairly simple. I soaked some raw mixed nuts (always the best part of the party mix); marinated them in some olive oil in place of the traditional butter, Bragg's (my substitute for the Worcestershire sauce in the original) and a variety of seasonings (I used many of the same ones listed on the seasoned salt, but without all the unnecessary additives); and dehydrated them until "toasty."

Now, for the Chex part, you can use your favorite raw bread, cracker or crust recipe. I used a variation of the flatbread pizza crust in "Raw Food Real World," minus the hemp seeds and with the addition of the seasonings/marinade I whipped up for the nuts. I made sure to cut the flatbread into tiny squares, which were dehydrated until crisp.

For the last step, I tossed together the "baked" squares and "toasted" nuts with a little extra marinade and left the combination in the dehydrator for a while longer. The result was a snack mix worth the wait.

Hope you have a fun and safe new year :-)