Thursday, June 11, 2009

An almond in the raw

Raw Revolution Organic Live Food Bar that is. It's always such a treat to find a full chunk of a real live ingredient inside my pulverized (as opposed to highly processed) portable snack. On this occasion, I actually uncovered more than one. Yum!

They're like little diamonds in the roughage, something important to include in everyone's diet (especially when you're pregnant like me). I'm finding these bars to be very convenient lately, since I've been less likely to whip one of these up myself.

The best part is that I can find them at my local grocery store, so I don't have to travel far to get one (or more). I guess I no longer can use lack of time as an excuse not to add more raw to my diet.

Speaking of time, I've been using mine to get a few extra posts in before summer vacation. Jacob's last day of kindergarten is tomorrow, so don't expect me to make this a habit. However, I still plan on providing updates when I get the chance.