Sunday, June 21, 2009

Walk with me, talk with me

Like father, like son; Matthew and Jacob sure are a lot alike, especially since Matthew is still a big kid at heart. For his birthday, he got a set of Transformer walkie talkies, perfect for playing with Jacob.

I have to admit that even I have been entertained, watching and listening to the two of them sending crazy messages back in forth. And, when Matthew decides to take a break, he lets Hayden get in on the action by placing his walkie talkie on my tummy.

Hayden generally responds with some noticeable movements and kicks. I'm not quite sure if she is trying to communicate back or just doing her best to attempt knocking the darn thing off of her.

At first, Jacob was unaware as to who he was talking to, until Matthew's fake baby voice (he tries to pretend he is Hayden) gave it away. When he did figure it out, he went on and on about everything he knows and what he plans on teaching his little sister. He even taught her how to spell her name.

Something tells me Hayden is going to have a lot of fun hanging out with the boys (referring to her dad and big brother). I think they'll have a good time, too.

Happy Father's Day!