Tuesday, June 9, 2009

She is what I eat

Although I haven't been 100 percent raw during this pregnancy, I still have found it important to eat healthy. Whatever I decide to put in my body at this time has a profound effect on my unborn baby's health and future food choices.

For instance, I've heard that women who eat their fruits and veggies while pregnant are more likely to give birth to children who'll also have a taste for yummy produce. While the thought of eating these things turned my stomach in the first and second trimesters, I continued to consume my fair share for the sake of the baby.

I think it is important to eat all colors of the rainbow, so I've been making salads with a full spectrum of vegetables. Some of them are cooked, but I'm happy to report that most of them are raw.

Bright colors are enticing, especially on a green background. In an effort to boast my green consumption, I've been adding greens to my puddings and anywhere else I can sneak them in. The results look a little sludgy, but are easily perked up with a few fruity dots of color.

These puddings sometimes remind me of something I might feed my baby when she's ready for solid foods. I can tell she likes them, because she responds with happy movements (unlike when she tries to beat up my insides after I use too much wasabi on my veggie sushi rolls). I hope to make her baby food myself (something I hate to admit I did not have time to do when Jacob was a baby). Wish me luck :-)