Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Get up and get moving

Yesterday was busy, full of errands and quality time spent with family. Hayden and I went to my mom's house to help her make jewelry for the craft table at church, as well as to visit with my grandmother and aunt, who stopped by. We also went to my in-laws for dinner.

In all this running around, I had to pack an on-the-go meal in a pinch. I tossed together a layered salad and grabbed a Vega bar and a banana to go with it. Not the most elaborate meal, but it kept me going.

I really enjoy opportunities to get out of the house. I'm not a fan of a sedentary lifestyle, and neither is my hubby, who can't sit still for a minute.

Which brings me to my first Q&A of the Day (no, the subject is not my husband, but she's a mover and a shaker); in an effort to bring some new life into this blog, I decided to start highlighting some of my fellow bloggers on occasion. First up is Joy of R3 Fit Show.

You may recognize her from her appearance on "Wife Swap," as the thought came to me while catching a rerun of the episode on television the other day. Rather than chilling on the couch during it, she had me motivated to get up out of my seat.

Get to know her and you'll realize she's an inspiring lady, who has her clients' best interest at heart. So, get up from your computer and let loose a little bit, as you read today's Q&A.

Q: What did you learn from the other family on "Wife Swap?" How have things changed? Out of my own curiosity, are you still taking all of those supplements, and if so, what are they and why would you recommend them?

A: "The main thing I learned from "Wife Swap" is that we all have something to contribute to others. Many people loathe change because they think that it requires more effort, but change is a natural part of growth. I actually call myself a student, because an "expert" can sometimes feel that they have "arrived" and their learning is over.

"Since "Wife Swap" we have more fun as a family. Business has its place, but our family time is necessary and FUN!

"Yes, I take supplements. I rotate about a dozen supplements such as Bee Pollen, hemp seeds and flax seeds. On a daily basis I take my fantastic 5: Virgin Coconut Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, B-Complex, Mochatonix (healthy coffee alternative) and Thermochrome (helps with satiation and burns calories and fat). Some people ask if supplements are necessary on a healthy diet and my answer is if your eating is an A, supplements will take your health to an A+!

Q: I see that your boot camp is as popular as ever; even the kids are getting involved. What are some fun ways to work out with children to make it a family event? What exercises do you advise doing?

A: "Kids naturally love to move and it should be encouraged. As a parent, your kids should never be able to beat you running unless they are a Pro-athlete or Olympian.

"Kids should get physical in 2 ways: 1.Structured sports, dance and p.e. etc and lifestyle activities such as riding bikes, running in parks and playing kickball.

"As for adults, my advice is to have high intensity training (HIT), as your main course fitness regimen with a specialty fitness as a side dish. Side dishes can be yoga, spinning or Zumba. Your energy will be through the roof and your body will look AMAZING!!!"

Q: As for your diet, do you have any foods you consume on a regular basis? A favorite recipe? Lately I've been making jars full of snacks to take on the go. What would you put in your jar?

A: "I have just completed my 1st book called, "R3 Diet" (Reverse, Retrain, Rebuild). It is after years of testing many known and unknown diets on my clients and I. I promised myself not to ever release it until I knew that it would work on at least 95% of the people who did it and it satisfied the emotional, psychological and nutritional aspects of eating.

"It is based on a high raw eating plan and 4 meals a day with NO SNACKING in between. The book has to go through the promotion phase before I can retail it. In the meantime I just launched a membership site that is an online community
tips, videos, recipes and my articles. You can join that and get all the info you need to be successful."

Q: What does the future hold for you? Any projects in the works? What would be your words to live by?

A: "My purpose in life is to help people get fit and stay fit in the fastest and safest way possible. I know for a fact that I can help anybody lose weight and get healthy. But the #1 thing I have to conquer within people is their mindset.

"I have to change their minds about their self worth. I have to change their minds about eating. I have to change their minds about fitness. I have to change their minds about their capabilities and I have to change their minds about love.

"Love yourself and the process and its simple. Loathe and resist the process and it seems impossible.

"What is in the future for me? The sky is the limit. I do not use media, radio, magazine, appearances or my boot camps to show my knowledge or talent. I use them as channels to spread a powerful message on health and fitness that once learned, can be used over and over again throughout life."


Okay, so maybe I still need a snack in my jar to get me through the day. If you do, too, don't forget about my offer for a free 8-ounce bag of chia seeds with any $40 purchase from NaturalZing through Friday, March 5, 2010. Just use the code "CHIADORABLE" at checkout.