Friday, March 19, 2010

Time for the big reveal

Oops. That's not what I meant. Quick, cover your eyes, kiddies. They shouldn't be seeing a "naked" cupcake. This photo wasn't supposed to be made public. Ha ha.

If you read yesterday's post, you might recognize the Kookie Karma-inspired cupcake with its "clothes" off, but please don't go sharing it all over the Internet without its dressed up top. You can find the recipe here on Juli Novotny's Pure Mamas blog.

Speaking of raw cupcakes, I was so excited to receive a package in the mail, containing one of my "Dreaming of Raw Cupcakes" designs. My hubby thought I should own one of the shirts, if I was going to be selling them.

Of course, I tried it on and snapped a quick pic (sorry for the lack of professional photography, as I took this one myself; I'm also apologizing to my hubby for posting yet another one of me without hair and makeup. I guess that means I'm going "naked," too). It fits perfectly, but I will give everyone a heads up that they do run small (mine was printed on an American Apparel shirt, so if you are familiar with the company, you know how most of their merchandise is cut snug).

I also wanted to inform my readers that the shirts are available in both organic and standard cotton versions. All organic would be amazing, but also more expensive. I left the option up to you.

Now, finally on to the real big reveal. I bet you're wondering who won the contests. Since Hayden drew the winners, I'll show you in the following photos:

First up, she draws the winner of Joanna Steven and Tonya Kay's “Raw Analysis II: Spring Athlete Diet.”

She carefully separates her handful, narrowing it down to one.

She gives the slip her lick of approval, so let's see who it could be:

She fought me for it, but Kaysie won! Congrats :-)

Onto the next one, she dives in for a Natural Zing Peruvian Sundried Salt-Free Olive winner.

She samples her selection ...

Thinks about going back for more ...

It's good!

Hayden, get out of that bowl; the winning name is already on your lap. But, what does it say?

mgonyeo, you have some olives coming your way! Congrats to you, too :-)

Thanks to everyone for playing :-)