Monday, March 1, 2010

Double the recovery

Another day, another jar; this one inspired by the lovely Pure 2 Raw twins, Lori and Michelle, who commented, "umm what should you do next...maybe something with colorful layers, we made raw lemon blueberry cheesecakes the other day, layered, so pretty, maybe something with vibrant colors like that." They've been whipping up jar-worthy treats and photographing them in twos for a while now.

I guess I could've done a decadent lemon blueberry cheesecake layer dish, but opted instead for another version, packed with nutrients to help my body recover from the stresses of a hard day. Surprisingly enough, it still contains the same flavors.

And guess what?! This jar wraps both of the girls' passions all into one; it doubles as a dessert, as well as a recovery pudding (make that two recovery puddings).

Lori and Michelle (I actually have a sister named "Lori Michelle") are the go-to girls for decadent desserts (they have their own bake/unbakery), as well as fitness inspired nutrient rich foods. Although I enjoy a treat like theirs every once and a while, I especially like to hear about their workout plans, smoothies, puddings and energizing snacks.

The twins are also Brendan Brazier fans, so I thought it only fitting to layer this parfait out of his recovery puddings. One is my lemony version of his original recovery pudding from "Thrive." As you know, I like to substitute the tofu for avocado and play around with the other fat source in the recipe (I used walnuts this time instead of the hemp oil); I also added lemon (the twins make a lime pudding, which would be good in this) in place of cocoa, but don't worry, it's still in the other layer.

I kept the updated recovery pudding from "The Thrive Diet" basically the same. It has blueberries in it, which pair nicely with the lemony pudding. The recipe calls for either carob or cocoa powder. Since I opted for the cocoa (no surprise), the purple hue isn't as bright as I'd like (so I sprinkled my usual goji berries on top), but the taste is worth it.

I put some of the pudding in my jar for later, and layered up the rest in a mug for instant gratification (look at those yummy swirls inside). Lori and Michelle could just divide the two between them for the perfect amount.

Please excuse the Starbucks mug, as it is just something I had lying around from my coffee consuming days. Now I use it for my Teeccino, tea or green smoothies. The girls also have a yummy way of perking up their day. Check out their green coffee.

Anyway, I hope you are off to a fun start. If you have a moment to make it (I suggest tackling the lemon one first, so you don't have to clean the blender in between), take this pudding in a jar with you today. This time, you've got an extra one to share.

By the way, has anybody had a chance to layer up their own jars? How about the milk and "cookies?" Juli Novotny posted about it on her site (I can't wait to tell you more about her and her new products soon; I'll also be guest posting with another raw cupcake on her blog). Whip up your own and show us what you've got :-)