Saturday, March 6, 2010

Nature's candy necklace

When I stopped by Heathy's blog today, I was reminded of the candy necklaces I used to wear/eat as a child. You see, she is having a raw chocolate giveaway at the moment, encouraging her readers to reveal their favorite childhood treats and adulthood uses for chocolate, as entries for her contest.

First, I had to offer up a candy and a chocolate I would've been caught consuming back in the day. Always falling victim to cute packaging or a clever gimmick, I commented about my fondness for candy jewelry, which was probably highly influenced by my fashionable Nanny (my dad's mom). She is no longer around, but I still think of her whenever I see a pack of Junior Mints (my chocolate pick).

As for how I am consuming chocolate today, you all know how difficult that is for me to narrow down. Since I've been trying to clean up my diet a bit lately, I went with adding it to fruit-based smoothies and puddings. It only tastes like I'm being bad.

Speaking of fruit and candy necklaces, here is my updated version of the fashionable fare. I just strung some grapes onto some dental floss to wear around my neck. This also could be done with other berries or multi-colored dried fruit, otherwise known as "nature's candy" :-)


By the way, if you want to enter Heathy's giveaway, hurry up and get on over there. You need to comment by Sunday, March 7 at midnight.