Monday, May 2, 2011

Walking on rain bows

My birthday was sunny (and so far today, too), but there's rain in the forecast this week. Fortunately, I picked up these adorable "rainy day bow ballet flats" from J. Crew on our girls day out (click here if you missed my post about our shopping trip). I just had to share them with you, especially my vegan readers (no leather in these shoes).

Since I broke/sprained my foot (and suffered some nerve damage near my toes) a couple of years ago, I stopped wearing flip flops and heels (my injuries were due to a fall caused by my less than stable high heel flip flops). Instead, I have found a new love: ballet flats. They are my favorite style ever (it's funny how things happen for a reason; I wouldn't give flats a proper chance before my wipe out in heels).

Anyway, these particular ballet flats are extra special because they bring back memories of a pair of red rain shoes I used to wear in high school. They, too, were purchased at none-other-than J. Crew. Actually, I think they were really gardening shoes (so silly 'cause I'm terrible at gardening), but they looked like some slick loafers to me. I wore them with most everything.

My mom and I instantly remembered the red shoes when we spotted these updated ballet flat versions at the store. I was hesitant to get them at first, but my mom insisted on buying them for me. Thanks mom.

And, for those of you who were patient enough to read down to something food related, here's what I put in my morning smoothie today. Can you believe that it is a green smoothie (sure doesn't resemble this one)? Looks like the berries and mixed greens (some of them were red/purple) kind of took over.

This refreshing smoothie contains mixed greens, fresh mint, basil, lemon, cucumber, strawberries, pineapple and spirulina. Oh, and I may had added some cinnamon and ginger, too. It's a lot going on, but it's delicious :-)