Sunday, May 8, 2011

Like mother, like daughter; sister & brother

Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful mommies out there! I, myself, am a mother of two (for those of you who are new to this blog, I thought I'd fill you in). Lucky me, I have the best of both worlds, as God blessed me with both a handsome son and a beautiful daughter (okay, so maybe I'm a bit biased, but I think they're pretty cute).

Now that I have one of each, I find Jacob gets paired up with my hubby a lot (we sometimes joke that Jacob is Matthew's little clone), while Hayden hangs out with me (she went to church with me this morning, and the boys represented at my mother-in-law's for brunch). Although Hayden doesn't look as much like me as Jacob looks like Matthew, she sure got a bunch of my other traits, especially when it comes to food.

Jacob and Matthew are picky eaters, although I can get them to eat some fruits and veggies at most meals. Hayden, on the other hand, will try anything I give her.

For example, my youngest sister April recently took Hayden and I out for sushi (thanks April). I packed some snacks in my bag, just in case Hayden wasn't into what was on the menu, but I opted not to let her know about them right away. Instead, I shared what I ordered with her (I did the same thing on our last excursion).

First up was a mango salad. She chowed down on a ton of mango (she kept begging for more, saying, "mango, mango!," very enthusiastically, I must add), some lettuce (she prefers crispier varieties, such as the romaine in this salad), radishes and carrot. She also ate most of the nuts on top.

Then, a lady who works at the restaurant remarked about how impressed she was that my little girl was excited about our next plate, which was full of steamed veggies. Hayden had some of each veggie, including zucchini, snow peas (a fave of hers), mushrooms, broccoli and red peppers.

Lastly, she tried the sushi rolls. I ordered the avocado and cucumber rolls. She hallowed out the middle (I knew she'd go right for the filling; she loves avocado and cucumber), and nibbled at some of the outer layer of rice (the next time I'm out for sushi, I might try ordering it without the rice, although that's what makes it "sushi"). The nori was a tad too tough for her that day, so she gave up on it (at least she tried). I'm so proud of her.

So was her aunt April, who posed for this cute pic. I hope to get the two of them together more often. I just know my youngest sister (my other sister already has two boys; Happy Mother's Day Lori!) will be an amazing mom one day.

My son made my heart melt when he let me know how amazing he thinks I am. As I've said in the past, the handmade gifts from my kids are always my favorite, and this year's present is no exception. In addition to the flowers pictured at the top of this post (I'm a huge fan of tulips, as well as daisies, etc.; I'll take them over roses any day ... although they are nice, too), he also presented me with a book he made for me at school.

Here's the cover of the book (with his last name cropped out for obvious reasons).

And here's one of my favorite pages (I'd show them all, but there's a lot of them) and part of his about the author page.

My hubby and kids also got me a this lovely (Jacob actually used that word to describe me in his book) raw food uncookbook, as they know I enjoy thumbing through the ones with the delicious full color photography (I think this one has a photo for almost every recipe). I especially like that the author is a mom, too, who is close to my age. I can relate to her. Very cool.

Anyway, I must get back to the kiddies (below is a pic of what they do when I'm not right there with them; Darth Jacob is having a lightsaber battle with Princess Hayden). I bought a juggling kit (a set of three practice balls and an instructional book) for Jacob last night, so I hope to test it out with him today. Hopefully, we'll both learn how its done. I'll keep you posted :-)