Friday, December 23, 2011

VegNews inspires Santa's cookie surprise

After years of putting out a variety of yummy raw cookies for Santa, I nearly forgot to come up with one for this Christmas Eve. Yes, I could have quickly whipped up a batch from the cookie recipes of Christmas past (here's 2007, 2008 and 2009) or any of these other raw cookie ideas, but thanks to a VegNews tweet, I made something new.

Check out this amazing Twitter pic of a cookie baked inside a cookie. Since I like making my own raw sandwich cookies (mainly to top these raw cupcakes, like the one pictured above left) and "unbaked" chocolate chip cookie dough cookies (perfect for making the doll cupcake in this past post), I thought I'd try "rawifying" this marvel for Mr. Claus (and my family, too).

Here are my results (I cut them open, so you could see the surprise inside), using the center of my raw Thin Mint recipe (minus the mint) for the sandwich cookies (no need to dehydrate, if you just chill them a bit). They are filled with some raw whipped icing, turned pink/flavored with some finely ground freeze-dried strawberries (Hayden loves them in this raw cupcake), and covered in a raw chocolate chip cookie dough (finely ground oats and cashews sweetened and formed into a dough with the addition of some date paste, pure maple syrup and vanilla; don't forget to add chocolate chips whether they are raw or regular vegan chips - my online friend Averie can take the credit with her cookie dough balls).

I hope Santa will love them as much as we do. Let me know if you make raw cookies inside of cookies, too :-)

Merry early Christmas!