Monday, December 5, 2011

Better late than never anniversary *GIVEAWAY*

Things have been so crazy around here lately, that I nearly forgot about my blog's 4-year anniversary last month. In recognition of it (as well as Jacob's birthday; he's turning 9 years old on the 13th of this month), I decided to have another giveaway on my site.

I really haven't been in the habit of hosting giveaways, but since I did one for Robyn's "Travelling in the Raw" e-book last week, it seemed only natural to do a more personal one in honor of these two occasions (my blog's anniversary and my son's 9th birthday). We like to celebrate around here with raw vegan cupcakes (no surprise), so the very first item that came to mind was my raw cupcake e-book.

Now that it's been available for a while (I posted it for sale on March 24, 2010), many of my loyal readers already have an electronic copy (although some of you have printed yours out). Therefore, I decided to offer up something more special: 1 of the 20 printed copies my hubby had made up for me to give to friends and family (there are only 20 he had printed, so these are not up for sale; it is still just an e-book as far as purchasing goes).

Those who have a copy include friends/family, such as my mom (my biggest fan), our local library (it actually gets checked out sometimes), and Brendan Brazier (he signed my copy of his original "Thrive" book, and I gave him one of my raw cupcake books). And, now one lucky winner can have a copy (it's not the most professional copy, as you'll notice in our giveaway announcement video, but it is one you can physically hold in your hands), too, along with some extra things I tossed in for fun.

These items include some of the products and samples we've reviewed lately on the site. You may recall the That's It. fruit bars Hayden couldn't get enough of in our video review. That's It. liked the video so much that they posted it on their website (Hayden's a star!) and sent us another box (thanks!). Before Hayden ate them all, I put one of each flavor (apple-pear, apple-cherry and apple-apricot) to the side to reserve for this giveaway.

I also added in some 100% Pure lotion sample packs that came with one of my orders. I used the ones sent to me, along with the products I reviewed in this past post, but I got more to share with my follow-up order (this company definitely has itself a customer).

Next up are more bars. The Good Greens Plus Bars were so good, that I only managed to sneak two bars to the side for the giveaway. The flavors include Chocolate Raspberry and Wild Berry.

Heads up to the vegans entering this giveaway, the next group of four bars contain honey, but those who are "bee-gan" (a term I sometimes use for my minimal use of bee products, but only when the product is very natural and of good quality; I go back and forth on this issue, so please don't judge me). They are the Raw Crunch bars I reviewed in this past post. OpenSky had sent me a box of the goji berry flavor to review, and after seeing our video, Raw Crunch decided to send us a mixed box of flavors, too (thanks!). I included one of each flavor (goji, cranberry, blueberry and chocolate) in the giveaway.

Lastly, I put everything in an ECOBAGS reusable produce bag that I like to take to farmers markets with me to bag the fresh produce. I had ordered a number of them, ages ago (they come in packs of 5). Somehow this one had never been used and still has the tag on it.

So now that you can see all that's included in this *GIVEAWAY*, here's how to enter:
  • Comment on this post answering the question, "What raw vegan cupcake recipe did I post in celebration of my blog's 1-year anniversary?"
  • For an additional entry, tweet about this giveaway, including @Rawdorable in your tweet. Then, leave a comment saying you did so.
*My hubby advised me to only have this giveaway open to residents of the United States and Canada. So sorry to all my other readers, as I love you, too.

I'll be announcing the winner on Friday, December 9, 2011. Good luck to all that enter, and thanks for stopping by my blog :-)


On another note ...
I just wanted to let you all know that I'll be contributing to a fashion and beauty blog twice a month.

I've always loved fashion and beauty, sometimes giving you a glimpse of what I like in past posts (if you missed the past two, click on this link to see my recent upcycling post, and here to view how to make a two-toned infinity scarf out of t-shirts). If you want to check out more of my DIYs and/or cruelty-free beauty product reviews (my first post will probably be about my thoughts on Christie Brinkley's new skincare products) in the future, visit