Monday, July 9, 2012

More Smoothie Love

Things are pretty busy around here, especially since it's Bible School week. Jacob also has piano lessons, and Hayden is taking her first dance class tomorrow night. I just wanted to check in briefly and share some more of the smoothies I've been drinking and tweeting as part of Charissa's July Colourful Smoothie Challenge (here are the first ones I posted, in case you missed it).

The kids are having a blast coming up with toy friends to pose with the smoothies, and even with me. Apparently, Charissa has gotten a kick out of it, too, as she shared some of them on her Smoothie Love post (Thanks; I liked the name of that post so much that it somehow ended up as the title for this post, as well). Today, I decided to show some more.

After the bunny pic, I tweeted Charissa's Wild Blueberry Shake that I renamed Wild "Smurfberry" Shake in honor of the Smurfette in the photo. I also garnished it with the blueberries, peaches and bananas blended inside it.

Then, when the temp hit 104 degrees, I opted to pretend it was Christmas in July with Charissa's Holiday Eggnog Protein Shake. Thank goodness this nog was a frosty treat. I think Charlie Brown liked it, too.

Yesterday, I shared Charissa's Sweet Tart Smoothie with Abby Cadabby. Hayden thought she'd enjoy something sweet and pink.

Today, after Bible School, I found myself still in the Operation Overboard mode (this year's Bible School theme has the kids pretending they are scuba divers with fun under-the-sea-themed lessons). I just had to have Charissa's Purple Vega Shake with the seaweed green color swirled in. Then, when I set it up along the side the scuba gear for a pic, a hungry shark tried to attack it.

I wonder what other friend will be invading my smoothie pics this week. Any ideas? What smoothies have you been enjoying this summer?