Thursday, July 12, 2012

My little ballerina

If you noticed my last tweet on Tuesday night, you know I was headed off to Hayden's first dance class. Here she is all excited to dance. Taking this picture of my little ballerina nearly brought a tear to my eye.

Then, we were off to the classroom, where she'd enter, leaving me on the other side of the door. My poor baby was left crying my name ("Mommy," of course), and I was advised to leave the waiting area, in case she came out looking for me (she'd never stay, if she knew I was still there).

I decided to hang out in my hot car (it was really hot out there; at least it wasn't as hot as last week) for most of the lesson. Thank goodness I moved it (the car), because one of the girls there took her outside to show her I'd left. Then, she was okay to go back inside.

From what I understand, she was calm and observant until another brand new ballerina had a bit of a meltdown. You know how that goes. When one starts, more follow suit. Hayden began to cry again, so they pulled my sister, April (who teaches there, too), into the classroom to hang out for the rest of the session (thank you, April).

That must have worked, because she came out of class with a sticker, a lollipop and a smile on her face. She was happy to see I really did come back and seems to be excited about her next class. Fingers crossed that she does better next time.

In honor of her first dance class, Hayden and I opted to feature a ballerina doll in yesterday's #colourfulsmoothie picture tweet, as part of Charissa's July Colourful Smoothie Challenge. We made her Mango Strawberry Protein Shake with extra strawberries in it. Those are Hayden's favorite.

On Tuesday, before dance, I had the Berry Happy Bodies Healthy Reese's Smoothie Charissa posted on her site, as well. I just removed the Greek yogurt and added a little coconut milk to it. I also drizzled the top with more peanut butter and sprinkled on some cacao nibs and chia seeds. So good!

Today, we decided to make something light and refreshing, so we had Charissa's Healthy Vegan Orange Julius made with fresh organic orange pulp instead of the concentrate and frozen bananas in place of the ice. Delicous! This is turning out to be a tasty July :-)