Monday, September 21, 2015

Fashion blogging & that necklace

Lately on Instagram, I've been pretending to be a fashion blogger. Growing up, I wanted to be a fashion designer, stylist or something involving the fashion industry. Therefore, you'd think I would have started out blogging about fashion, but since I began as a foodie and later a beauty (hey, that rhymes), I don't think my audience is really interested in that sort of thing. I just ask that you humor me from time to time when I get the urge to post a fashion DIY or outfit of the day, like the one above.

We experienced our first taste of fall rainy weather today, so I had an excuse to wear my favorite cream-colored Madewell sweater from last spring (it's an excellent transition piece, as it isn't too heavy) and my plaid umbrella (I love an umbrella; when I was little, I would dance with an umbrella and sing/dance to "Singing in the Rain").

Since it wasn't too cold, I paired my sweater with these Madewell Rip & Repair Edition Denim Boyshorts (they are currently in the sale section as I type this), as well as my signature accessories: that Arrowhead Necklace I'm always wearing, Glider Bangle Bracelet and Staccato Stud Earrings. Although I bought all of these about a year ago, they've been so popular that Madewell brought them back.

When I say I wear this necklace all the time, I really mean it. I get tons of compliments and everyone wants to know where I got it. Here are some more outfit of the day examples that include this necklace, starting with another transitional look. This late in the summer, I still wore a gathered eyelet lace skirt (this one is no longer available, but there is this similar style in the sale section), but with a dark midnight sky short-sleeve sweatshirt (I bought this last year, but you get the idea). The necklace just gives a nice finishing touch.

Speaking of short-sleeve sweatshirts, this white one is a favorite of mine. You can't go wrong with a structured white top and classic denim. Since the sweatshirt is cropped (it's no longer available, but I like this stripe and this black and white option from the sale section), I paired it with high-waisted skinny skinny jeans ... and there's that necklace again. Oh, and don't forget the red lipstick. That day I was wearing 100 Percent Pure's Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze in Cherry topped with a Vitamint in Vino (I highly recommend layering your lipsticks to expand your color options).

So why am I posting so many Madewell items? Well, I do shop there a lot, and I found out about their "Best Year Ever" Instagram contest. Basically, you post photos of their clothing and accessories with the hashtags #everydaymadewell and #contest during the month of September. Each day, Madewell selects a winner to receive a Bien Fait (which translates to Madewell") bag full of prizes listed on the Madewell blog. These winners are also entered to win the grand prize (see the Madewell blog post I mentioned). My photos aren't exactly up to their standards, but it's fun to try, like with this photo of my classic black "BIEN FAIT" sweatshirt (it says "BIEN" on the front, and "FAIT" on the back; it can be easily dressed up or down), jeans, Outbound Jacket (no longer available, but this Madewell & Penfield Kasson Parka is cute), my signature necklace and Madewell tote.

While I'm at it, here are a couple more looks I've posted lately. I've been shopping my closet a lot, so it's rare that I can point you in the direction of the exact item. This is the Keynote Dress from last year, which is similar to Madewell's Adore Dress in Crystal Blue. I changed up the necklace, and you can, too, as the Moonspell Necklace is a two-toned longer version of it.

Sometimes, I just let the dress details speak for themselves, like with this insanely popular off white with blue embroidery dress. Again, I got it last year, but this year's Embroidered Stitchtake Dress looks based off of this one (it's in the sale section, so you'll have to act fast).

Anyway, that's what I've been wearing lately. Do you shop at Madewell? Do you have a signature accessory? Let me know on Twitter at @Rawdorable and/or Instagram (also @Rawdorable).

* All of these clothes and accessories are from my personal closet.
I'm just a fan of the brand :)