Friday, April 15, 2016

RawBox was meant for me & you, too

Although I've transitioned more into the green beauty blogging world, I started this blog as a raw foodie (I still eat raw vegan foods the majority of the time; it's just not my focus these days). Therefore, when I came across RawBox, I knew it would be the perfect fit for me.

RawBox is a monthly subscription box that's packed with raw, plant-based snacks and clean lifestyle products, which means you won't find any gluten, soy or dairy. Each package contains 10-12 products with a total value of $40-$80, in a mixture of both full-size and single servings. The best part is the convenience of having raw products arrive right on your doorstep. Let's take a peek inside to see what I received in the March box (I'm a little late posting this, as we are now in April, but you get the idea).

Like I said, it's packed with a ton of goodies for the raw foodie or just those looking to clean up their lifestyles. It makes me hungry just typing about it :)

It's Friday, also known as "pizza night," so let me begin with the Wrawp Pizza Crust. It's one of the most convenient ways to whip up a raw pizza in a pinch. This all-natural pizza crust is 100% vegan, raw, paleo, organic and low-fat (that's not always the case when it comes to a raw pizza crust, as many are made with a lot of flax). This one (actually, there are two in the package) contains organic carrot, organic zucchini, organic apple, organic sprouted buckwheat, flaxseeds, organic sunflower seeds, organic turmeric, black salt and cayenne pepper. These are so yummy as a pizza base or a wrap, too.

Moving on to dessert (I probably should have saved this for last, but I can't wait for dessert), these Laughing Giraffe Organics Vanilla Snakaroons are so good. Raw macaroons are very simple to make, but they are even better when they're already waiting to satisfy your craving (the same is true for this brownie, but I'll get back to that it a minute). These tasty vanilla treats are just organic unsweetened coconut, organic agave nectar, organic almonds, organic extra virgin coconut oil, gluten-free organic vanilla extract and Himilayan pink salt. They are surprisingly fresh tasting for a prepackaged snack.

As for the brownie, it's a little mouthful (sometimes one bite is enough, but in a good way) from Righteously Raw. It's so amazingly delightful and decadent. You can even smell the chocolate through the package. Don't worry, though, as it tastes like it was sealed well. The description says, "coated with a healthy dose of our award-winning raw cacao and packed with raw dates and raisins, these treats are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth." I know it sure satisfied mine :)

Although premade treats are nice to have on hand, it's also fun to make your own raw creations. That's why I was happy to see this big bag of Foods Alive Chia Seed (you can make chia pudding, blended puddings, smoothies, smoothie bowls and other desserts; it also subs well for flax in various recipes) and single-serving pack of Kelapo Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (there are times when you only need a tablespoon of coconut oil in a recipe, like to make your unbaked goods richer and almost "buttery;" it's also great for oil-pulling, hair treatments, moisturizing, etc.).

After all those raw sweets, sometimes you need to balance it all out with some greens. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm very curious about this MacroLife Naturals Apple Ginger Superfood Bar. I'm always toting raw bars in my purse for emergencies and this one looks right up my alley. It's a cold-pressed, 100% natural, raw superfood bar, derived from fresh, raw, certified organic, vegan, whole food MacroLife ingredients. It has brazil nuts, dates, agave syrup, rice protein, freeze-dried apples and MacroGreens Blend. It even contains vegan probiotics.

The March RawBox also had this bottle of Pure Planet Best of Greens. This powder is a combination of organic and nonGMO grasses, algae, vegetables, and sea plants in a sweet lemon flavored powder. It's sweetened with stevia.

I've been buying Yogi tea for years, and I was excited to see it featured in this box. The Detox tea is quite yummy with its spicy blend of burdock, dandelion and juniper berry, but the Ginger tea has always been my fave. It also has lemongrass, licorice and peppermint in it.

I hope you washed your hands before consuming all that raw goodness. Thankfully, RawBox include this full-size Murchison-Hume Superlative Hand Soap. It's a gentle cleanser made from 99% naturally-derived ingredients, including shea butter to soothe dried-out hands. It looks quite luxurious. It's also fragrance-free.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I'm now a natural beauty blogger, so I was over the moon when I saw this Ariya Apothecary Anti-Aging Serum. Although small, it lasts longer than you'd think. It's handmade in New Orleans out of vegetable glycerin, grapeseed oil, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, avocado oil, jojoba oil, geranium essential oil, rosemary essential oil, frankincense essential oil, rose hip seed essential oil and lavender essential oil. It makes your skin glow. Oh, and it came in this cute little cloth pouch.

Now you can see that RawBox was meant for me. What about you? Check out their site to find out how to subscribe. If you follow me on Instagram (I'm @Rawdorable), stay tuned for a giveaway, too.

* RawBox sent me this box for review. All opinions are my own :)