Thursday, April 14, 2016

True Boxers isn't fast, it's fair fashion

After posting about Starch Slides and Ninalu not too long ago, I became more aware of other small companies making sustainable fashion. I thought it would be fun to occasionally highlight some of their designs, starting with this playful boxer short line.

I recently came across True Boxers on Instagram. Although I don't currently own a pair of True Boxers, their campaign did take me back to a time when it was trendy for both males and females to wear printed boxers. I, myself, remember wearing them to sleepovers, pom practice and even to the mall (I'm so dating myself).

The difference between this boxer line and the boxers I wore in my early teens is that these are, in fact, sustainable. Just let the statement on the True Boxers website explain:

"[The True Boxers] mission is to create durable boxer shorts with fun prints without compromising on fit, quality and ethical production. Most brands these days purposely make goods which are meant to fall apart after a few years. We want to create boxer shorts that are fashionable, but made from materials that are durable. We call our mission 'Sustainable Fashion'.
"In other words, True Boxers aims to be an apparel label that enables you to have sustainable but still fashionable boxer shorts."
True Boxers takes their mission seriously. They use a certified cotton supplier with the same mindset and manufacturer with fair working conditions. The cotton is environmentally-friendly dyed poplin to ensure the the softest, most comfortable and sustainable fabric possible. You can watch their Kickstarter video to see how they were developed.
If you took a moment to watch their Kickstarter video, you'd see all the time in effort the founders of True Boxers put into making their dream a reality. In the end, they were able to produce a high quality, ethical product out of 100% natural materials with extreme attention to detail.

Speaking of details, True Boxers offers free initial embroidery for that special touch when you order at least three pairs. Does anyone else get excited when something comes with their initials on it?

As for the prints, I love how they mixed and matched colors and patterns. At the moment, there are twelve options on the site, including polka dots, stars and chevron stripes.

Although the boxers are made for men, they sure look cute on women, too. Maybe my hubby and I should get matching pairs.

As for comfort, I haven't tried them, but this model seems to be feeling good in them. Maybe it's because he's helping True Boxers eliminate fast fashion and move toward sustainable fair fashion.

Let me know if you order any True Boxers and your thought on the brand. You can find me on Twitter at @Rawdorable and/or Instagram (also @Rawdorable).

* True Boxers did not send me anything in exchange for this review.
It's just something I wanted to do. All photos are from
the True Boxers website and Instagram.

* True Boxers is a European brand. Worldwide shipping is currently free
on orders exceeding 29 EUR.