Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Introducing my raw cupcake e-book :-)

You asked for it, so here we go. After hiding out on my computer for some time now (did any of you notice it hanging out unannounced on my sidebar last night?), my personal raw cupcake e-book has finally gained the confidence to reveal itself to the public. I'm happy to introduce it to you, as it is aptly named, "The Little Rawdorable Cupcake Book That Could."

I explained the title in the book saying,
"you're probably not surprised that I'm comparing my e-book journey to the tale of 'The Little Engine That Could' (you know; the tiny train who said, 'I think I can; I think I can'). It has been a long time coming, but with a little encouragement, it's finally completed just for you.
" 'You' refers to my loyal readers, who never stopped believing in and supporting me through this process ..."

For this, I thank all of you, as stated on the final page, along with my virtual autograph (an idea I got from Girl on Raw by her request). As usual, I just had to keep it real.

You'll notice that this raw cupcake manual has me written all over it. Since I did it myself (instead of going with a big time book deal), I was able to do it on my terms, with my designs, photos, etc. Although I'll admit that I'm not the most experienced computer chic, I somehow managed to lay out each and every page in a fun, Rawdorable way.

For a long time now, I imagined that this book would have a scrapbook-inspired design, similar to the cut and paste ones I have around my house (I am a traditional crafting kind of gal, so if I could, I would've had a blast making a bunch of hard copies by hand). Therefore, I just had to go with the old school composition book cover splashed with a collage of raw cupcake photos all over the front. I even used lined paper as the backdrop on the pages.

So, what else will you find on those 30-plus pages?

Well, most of the recipes are ones buried throughout this site, but now you can find them all in one convenient place (and you know how I'm liking convenient stuff at the moment). I've also revamped a few and added new photos. To top it all off, there are some more unposted recipes, my favorites being the Devil's Food Cupcake versus the My Little Angel Cupcake (my take on a mini raw angel food cake, seen in this pic).

It may not be the most professional publication, but it is definitely drool-worthy, as it is packed with raw cupcake photos. That alone is worth the purchase price.

To keep this blog afloat, I need to make at least a little income from home. If not this, then I'll have to find another option (which would mean blogging less, if at all anymore). With that in mind, consider your e-book purchase a donation to all the good times you've had reading this blog, revisiting memorable posts and looking forward to the next read. Receiving the e-book is just a bonus (now I sound like I'm doing a public television telethon or something).

*Update: Due to the fact that I'm no longer blogging, the e-book is no longer for sale. I only left this post up for the memories. Thanks for your support.
Anyway, I'm not the "salesy" type, so I'll just say it. With a $12.95 donation to this site, you'll receive the newest addition to our family (I'll do my best to e-mail it out within 24 hours of receiving payment, since I have yet to select a service to do it automatically; I guess I'm just having some trouble letting go).

I'm a bit overprotective of this one (as I am with my kids), so treat it as your own. Please keep any harsh critiques to yourself, as it took a lot to convince this e-book to go out into the world. It's still a work in progress (meaning that's probably not all you'll see of my cupcake unbaking; don't be surprised if I post more raw cupcakes in the future). Check back from time to time for more inspiring ideas.

Thanks for your warm thoughts and continued support :-)

*Update: Due to the fact that I'm no longer blogging, the e-book is no longer for sale. I only left this post up for the memories. Thanks for your support.