Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside again

I had to add "again" to the title, as I've already used that song. I guess I just like it.

Anyway, it really is cold outside. I wish I was back in Florida where it was warm (in the high 70s and low 80s when we went to Disney's Animal Kingdom, Epcot Center, Hollywood Studios and Universal Studios Islands of Adventure), until our last couple days there. I should have purchased this cute little cupcake hat for Hayden on our 86 degree visit to the Magic Kingdom, as it dropped to the 50s the day we headed to Universal Studios (it was so cold in contrast; the lady at the gate had to use her hand-warmer on my index finger to get it to register on the fingerprint reader).

The next day, we got home to 20 and 30 degree temps (we drove straight home, which was an all-day affair. This is how Hayden entertained herself on the trip; gotta love those Crayola Color Wonder markers). Brrr ...

It actually snowed yesterday for Jacob's birthday (happy b-day to my 8-year-old). Uh huh, he really believes it snowed for him; he was hoping it would.

But back to those warm Florida memories. Hayden and I had fun posing for this mock surfing pic.

Jacob helped his sister steady herself on the surf board, too.

We all got really wet on the rapids ride at the Animal Kingdom.

And, check out our four little things (My son Jacob, his cousins Cameron and Colin, and my daughter Hayden) in their warm weather tees.

I'm feeling warmer already, especially with a mug of Hot Choco-Maca Zing. I tested out the recipe on the Natural Zing blog. You can check out the post here. I also reviewed a skin cream, and added my favorite raw cookie recipe from last year. Yum!

I'm still a little worn out from the trip, Jacob's birthday festivities and holiday events (a little maca and chocolate is a good remedy for that), so I opted not to post new cookie recipes this year. At least you can check out my archives ("Cookies Galore" and December 2009).

But don't worry; I'm still in the holiday spirit. Taking a Disney vacation this time of year really puts you in a Christmas mood, as there are loads of decorations, holiday music, displays, parades and other special programs.

Here's just a sample of what we saw:

The whole gang in front of the Dr. Suess display. There's my dad, sister April, sister Lori with her son's Colin and Cameron, and husband Darren, my mom, my son Jacob, my daughter Hayden, my hubby Matthew and me.

Minnie Mouse was in the Christmas parade at the Animal Kingdom.

My hubby and I posed in front of the most amazing light display at Hollywood Studios. You'd have to experience it for yourself. It is all set to music. The bubble "snow" was the best part.

Happy holidays! :-)