Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"Rawifying" Hayden's Cupcake Lip Glosses

Hope everyone is having a happy new year. Did you catch our chocolate mustache post? Hayden and I had so much fun with that one, but we really got to express our true girlie selves with today's chocolate (as in white chocolate) creation. It may be edible, but it's really a beauty product.

My little lady loves to do everything I do, which includes putting on makeup. I don't think she's quite ready for most of it (she doesn't really need it anyway), but I do allow her to use natural lip gloss, especially this time of year (gotta keep those lips from getting chapped).

While shopping over the holidays, I came across the cutest cupcake lip glosses. I was tempted to buy them, due to their cute novelty containers, but passed when I saw their far-from-natural ingredient list. I wasn't about to apply them to my own lips, so of course, I opted not to give them to Hayden either.

Another member of our family found the same glosses and presented them to Hayden in a stocking full of goodies. It was a sweet gesture, which Hayden and I really appreciated. As a result, I just had to find a way to still use them.

I hated the thought of tossing the cupcake containers (I just can't resist cupcake-themed novelties), so I cleaned out the old gloss and made room for some homemade raw vegan lip gloss.

I made a White Chocolate Vanilla Gloss to replace the original one in the chocolate cupcake by mixing some melted cocoa butter with coconut oil (about a 50:50 ratio) and adding a small drop of alcohol-free vanilla extract. I spooned it into the cupcake container and let in set in the fridge until it was stable at room temperature.

Then, it was on to the strawberry cupcake. Hayden and I made a Strawberry Speckled Gloss in the video below, inspired by our raw vegan "Strawberry Coconut Cupcake Experiment." You can probably guess the pink ingredient.

After both the White Chocolate Vanilla and Strawberry Speckled Glosses set, Hayden had fun testing them out.

Her thoughts? "Mmmm ... delicious!" :-)