Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Where the stars are?

Ha ha. I caught myself singing this to the tune of "Where the Boys Are," as I couldn't remember the actual title and lyrics to the song. It's all due to some commercial for a shopping center that changed the words to "Where the Stores Are" ("stores" and "stars" sound more alike than "stores" and "boys"). No wonder it came to mind while working with these stars from my February Eco Emi box.

Just like with the snowflakes from the January box, I decided to find a way to incorporate these stars into something I could wear, rather than just toss. I guess I could have put them in a gift to someone else, but this project was more fun.

Inspired by connected bracelet rings (I happen to think this one is really sweet) and old school friendship bracelets (an appropriate use for something that came out of an Eco Emi box, as Christine's intention is to present them like gifts from a friend), I tied together this star-embellished friendship bracelet with linked ring.

First of all, in case you don't know how to tie a basic double chain knot friendship bracelet, I'll talk you through the process with pictures.

Start by cutting two very long pieces of embroidery floss in the colors of your choice (one of each color). When folded in half, they should still be a few times longer the the length of your finished project (the measurement from your middle finger to the top of your wrist and wrapped around to the other side of your wrist). Fold the two pieces of floss in half and tie a loop in the center that will fit comfortably over your middle finger.

Use a piece of tape to secure the loop to a table or other surface where you plan to work. Divide the now four strands into groups of two of the same color. I separated mine into peach strands on the right and white strands on the left.

I actually made some of the knots before deciding to take pictures of the rest of the steps. Now, I'm going to show those of you who don't know how to make these knots a photo demonstration of how to make one knot of one color, followed by one knot of the other.

To make a peach knot, I started with the peach strands on the left and the white strands on the right. I crossed the white strands across the top of the peach strands, and from the bottom, looped the peach ones up over the white strands and then down through the loop (see why these pictures are necessary).

Making sure to keep the white strands pointing down, I pulled the peach strands upward to tighten the loop. The tightened peach strands should end up wrapped around the white strands.

Repeating the same steps one more time, I formed a peach colored knot, as shown.

Moving on to the white knot, I started with the white strands on the left and the peach strands on the right. I crossed the peach strands across the top of the white strands, and from the bottom, looped the white ones up over the peach strands and the down through the loop.

Making sure to keep the peach strands pointing down, I pulled the white strands upward to tighten the loop. The tightened white strands should end up wrapped around the peach strands.

Repeating the same steps one more time, I formed a white knot.

Okay, so I'm sounding very repetitive, like a broken record, but that's just how it goes. You'll need to keep repeating these steps, until you reach the length of your middle finger to your wrist (with enough slack to allow you to take your finished creation on and off when the time comes, as well as being able to move your hand freely with it on).

When you reach your desired length, it's time to add in more floss and more directions, specifically one going left and the other going right. Forming a "T" shape, keep the finished knots facing vertically, put one color floss all the way to the left and the other all the way to the right, so that they lay horizontally across your work surface.

Cut two more strands of floss (one of each color) to match the length of the entire line of horizontal floss. Lay it parallel, next to the horizontal floss. Now you are ready to change directions and incorporate it into your friendship jewelry design.

Remove the tape carefully and now use it to secure one of the unfinished groups of floss. Then, begin knotting the other loose strands until it is the length of half of your wrist width. Move the tape to secure these knotted strands, and repeat on the other side. You should end up with a "T" shape.

At this point, you can either attach a clasp, or a safety pin, which is what I used to hook the bracelet on my wrist. I tied the safety pin to one side and tied a loop on the other. You could also just knot the finished bracelet on to your wrist, but you would have to leave it on until you decide to cut it off. If that is the case, you'll want to do the next step before tying it on your wrist.

Here's where the stars come in; it's time to embellish your friendship jewelry. Just simply sew the stars on with a needle and thread, as you would with a button. It's easy to puncture the stars with the needle. Make a few loops to attach each one and make a knot to hold them in place. Add as many or as little as you'd like. Voila! You're done :-)


Oh, and since I was trying to find ways to reuse the festive Eco Emi packaging (there wasn't a lot, but I don't like to waste things), I also thought about making a green tissue paper corsage of some sort. I got kind of silly playing around with it, in the spirit of St. Patrick's Day coming up. Maybe I'll just use it to wrap a present for someone else.

P.S. I'm wearing that lovely lip gloss I got in
my Eco Emi box this month. Love it!