Thursday, December 20, 2012

Making friends with Santa

A week or so ago, Kelly Ripa asked her viewers to send in photos of their kids crying on Santa's lap. It's funny how those end up being our favorite photo memories. I tweeted this photo from last year of Jacob laughing while Hayden clung tight to me in fear. It didn't get a retweet or mention on Live with Kelly and Michael, but it did make me wonder if this year would result in a similar pic.

The first attempt at seeing Santa was following our church Christmas play (Hayden had a blast participating in it, especially since it was "A Charlie Brown Christmas." I just love the part where Linus tells the Christmas story). As expected, Jacob was all smiles ...

... and Hayden wouldn't let go of me.

Take 2: Hayden had her Christmas program today at school (her preschool is at our church which explains the familiar background). At first, she was hesitant to go near the jolly old soul, but once she saw her peers lining up with no fear, she grabbed my hand and led the way. She only asked that I go with her, so she could sit on my lap instead of his. I finally have a clear pic of last year's dress (it's the same one she is wearing in the first photo). I guess I'll have to put her in this year's fluffy red dress for the next Santa encounter.

When Hayden and Santa were done reviewing her list, she bravely put it in the specially marked box and happily accepted a book from Santa. They are friends now :-)

While on the subject of preschool, Hayden has made so many cool Christmas crafts there lately. It made perfect sense to give a homemade gift to her teacher. Hayden and I made a personalized crayon wreath for her. Isn't it cute?

We also got crafty in the kitchen with these strawberry Santa hats for her school holiday party. We simply stacked up a strawberry on top of a banana slice. Then, we added a small grape to the top. Simply scrumptious!

The other day Pure Bar's founder Veronica tweeted a pic of the strawberry Santa hats her daughter made in her kitchen with berries and whipped cream. I was so happy to see a retweet and reply from Veronica about the Pure Bar purse I made the other day. She was interested in having one made for her (such an amazing compliment). If I get a moment (probably not until after the holidays), I might make her a wallet or a wristlet. Maybe I should barter for some Pure Bars. Ha ha :-)

Happy holidays!