Thursday, December 6, 2012

DIY holiday decor

It's the holiday season and all through the house, I'm hanging up DIY decorations with the help of my little mouse (Hayden is a huge fan of Minnie Mouse and loves to hang out in her Minnie pajamas). Our latest creation is this lovely wreath with a bow, which you can find out how to make it in the directions below:

As usual, this DIY is made out of items from our most recent Eco Emi box (in case you missed them, here are the Eco Emi DIYs from January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, my first September Eco Emi DIY, my second September Eco Emi DIY, my first for October and second for October). I used the thin shredded paper "straw" filler, some scrap tissue paper and the small silky fabric pouch.

First, I formed the paper shreds into a wreath/doughnut shape.

Next, I cut the scrap piece of cream-colored tissue paper into strips. 

I folded the strips lengthwise to make sturdier, more narrow "ribbons," and attached them together at the ends. I secured mine with a tiny piece of tape, but glue would work, as well.

I wrapped the tissue paper ribbon around the shredded paper wreath to hold its shape and add some interest.

Once I wrapped the tissue paper ribbon all the way around the wreath, I secured the ends together with another piece of tape.

All this wreath needed now was a bow and something to hang it, so of course, I took advantage of the silky fabric pouch. I cut off the top, removed the ribbons and ripped out the side seams.

I folded in the sides of the cut fabric rectangle lengthwise and taped it in place.

Then, I folded the ends inward and secured them with tape.

I flipped the taped fabric over, pinched the center to create a bow and wrapped a thin piece of tape around the center to hold its shape.

I tied one of the thin ribbons to the center of the top strip of fabric (I left the seams intact), which I had folded in half lengthwise.

I draped the folded strip of fabric across the center of the bow ...

... and tied it in place with the thin piece of ribbon.

Then, I used the folded piece of fabric to attach the bow to the wreath. I just wrapped it around the wreath and tied the ends of the fabric on the back (I didn't want the frayed ends to show, although I did tidy them up a bit with the scissors after I took the above pic).

Lastly, I tied the ends of the thin ribbon together, so I could hang the finished wreath on the tree. Isn't it pretty? If you make one with your Eco Emi and decide to give it as a gift, the silver tissue paper and clear plastic container would work well for wrapping it. I'm sure I'll be using the tissue paper for wrapping purposes during the holidays, but I might save the clear plastic container for another project.

Do you make your own holiday decorations?