Monday, November 7, 2016

Welcoming Amaki's addition w/a happy face

I am so pleased to introduce you to Amaki's latest product addition. It's this Japanese Tsubaki Anti-Aging Face Oil that happened to show up on my doorstep recently. I'll admit that this baby arrived unexpectedly, but boy am I happy it did (on a side note, the beautiful background in the above photo is Emily Schuman's bathroom from her "Cupcakes and Cashmere at Home" book; it's so lovely, like this facial oil).

You may recall me raving about Amaki's luxurious, yet affordable, beauty products in some of my past posts. Founded by a certified esthetician, Amaki is a family-owned and -operated company that makes all-natural, cruelty-free, organic skincare products from ingredients sourced exclusively in the U.S.A. and without harmful chemicals, preservatives, synthetic fillers, parabens and petroleum by-products commonly found in commercial skin care products. I just adore Amaki's Jasmine & Rose Nourishing Oil and Flowers & Salts Bath Soak that both contain actual flowers.

Oh, and don't forget about the Amaki 100% Pure & Natural Rose Water. It smells so fresh and floral, and can be used from head to toe.

Amaki's latest product is meant for your face, but I've also used it on the ends of my hair and to moisturize my hands after applying it to my face (honestly, I don't want to waste it). According to the website, this "Japanese Tsubaki Anti-Aging Face Oil hydrates and nourishes, packed with oleic acid to seal in moisture and leave your skin looking and feeling smoother. This botanical blend gives the skin-brightening effects of Vitamin A as well as Vitamins B, D and E for a radiant complexion. Its enriching antioxidants ward off damaging free radicals, fortifying the skin against visible signs of aging."

As you may have noticed, each ingredient in this beauty oil serves a purpose, such as the antioxidant- and omega-rich Tsubaki (Camellia) oil. There aren't any added fragrances, so this combination of oils smells only like the ingredients inside its simple, sleek and sophisticated glass bottle. It's light, yet effective. It absorbs into my skin, keeping it soft, supple, hydrated and clear at the same time. Although I prefer to use this facial oil at bedtime (I love how my skin looks when I wake the next morning), I've also had good results wearing it under my makeup during the day.

Oh, and did I mention the price? First of all, $25 is reasonable, but for a limited time, the introductory is only $15 with free shipping (no code needed). I don't know how long that's going to last, so you may want to take advantage of the discount now. Let me know if you do. As always, you can find me on Twitter at @Rawdorable and/or Instagram (also @Rawdorable).

* Although I was sent this Amaki Japanese Tsubaki Anti-Aging Face Oil
for review, all opinions are my own :)