Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Let's go for a ride

Sorry I haven't had much computer time lately, but you know how it is with a newborn. I can't believe she is nearly a week old.

Anyway, I've just been busy trying to figure out her schedule, or in her case, making my best effort to switch it up a bit. The poor girl has had her days and nights mixed up. Thank goodness my diet has helped give me the energy I desperately need.

In fact, eating a lot of raw foods has really been beneficial this time around. I feel like I'm healing a lot faster, can already fit in my old clothes again, managed to avoid the dreaded stretch marks and keep a healthy glow, despite the lack of sleep.

Tuesday was Hayden's first doctor's appointment, mainly for a weight check and to introduce her to my coworkers. To my surprise, I had no problems crawling out of bed early to get myself and my tiny patient ready and out the door on time. Luckily, Matthew helped Jacob with his morning routine and took him to the bus stop (along with Paw Paw, of course) for his first day of school.

Hayden looked so cute in her car seat, reminiscent of the pic of Teddy in Caleb's onesie. She seemed happy to go for a ride initially, but then, as seen in this pic, she must have figured out where we were going. I don't think she was looking forward to being examined again.

Fortunately, she did a good job at her appointment, and mommy enjoyed having the opportunity to show her off. We even made a stop at her great grandmother's house on the way home for another flaunting session. I'm such a proud mama, and now I'm proud x 2 :-)