Saturday, August 15, 2009

A toast to green smoothie day

I have to thank my raw foodie friend Lenette for reminding me that today has officially been declared International Green Smoothie Day. So, as suggested in her e-mail, I opted to join her in "a toast to health, high-energy living and green smoothies."

Actually, I probably would've had a green smoothie anyway, but in honor of the event, I decided to simplify this morning's smoothie and go back to basics. You know; stick to the original fruit and greens formula.

Hayden thought we (yes, she's still in my bulging belly) should concoct ours with a tropical theme, so I blended together pineapple, mango, strawberry and banana. To keep my iron level up, I selected spinach as our green and made it extra beneficial with a touch of young thai coconut water. Yum!

Hopefully, this inspires you to join in the celebration today or any other day. Raise your glass and drink up :-)